Tipard PDF Joiner is a user-friendly piece of software that provides users with the possibility to combine multiple PDF files into a single, larger document.
Easily browse for PDFs to join
The software makes it easy for users to browse for PDF files on their computers, and then allows them to combine these documents into a single large PDF.
With the help of this tool, users can opt for combining only some of the pages of their original files, or can choose to create a single PDF by stitching together entire documents.
Customize the output PDF file
When trying to join multiple PDF files into a single one, users can select different join methods, so as to come up with the PDF document they need.
The application allows users to join only the odd or even pages from the original file into a single PDF document, or can choose only specific pages to be combined in a single file. Furthermore, users can combine pages alternatively, for a more personalized experience.
Intuitive file management capabilities
The software displays all of the selected files in a list on its main window, thus making it easy for users to manage them by adding more of them or removing the existing ones, or by moving them up or down in the list.
The tool provides users with the possibility to select a specific name for the output PDF files, while also allowing them to save the file to a specific location on their computers.
Fast, reliable tool
During our testing, we noticed that the application can load multiple files almost instantly, and that it is also very fast when it comes to joining them into a single file.
All in all, Tipard PDF Joiner is an easy-to-use, fast tool for combining multiple PDF files into a single one with only a few mouse clicks. It includes various PDF customization capabilities, thus allowing users to enjoy a personalized experience when viewing the output file.







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What is PDF Merge?

There are times when we are in need of getting a document in the format we need, as it may be required in our work, or we are going to use it as a resume, but for this task, we should have a tool that will help us. In these times, we can use a tool called PDF Merge. This tool will help us to combine two or more PDF documents into a single document. It has many features like editing, merging, joining, compressing, cleaning and cropping, annotating, stamping, customizing.

Features of PDF Merge

Advanced Editing

Our tool has an advanced PDF editing system to give a personalized experience to the users,


To compress the PDF documents, you have to specify the quality, whether you want to compress the images, graphics or tables. You can also increase the compression quality.


This feature will add special words, phrases, signatures or postscripts in the documents.


You can crop the selected area in the PDF documents.


Our tool has a preview feature, in which you can see the images of the PDF documents.


You can make some notes or stamps in the PDF documents.

User Interface

We have made it simple for the users to understand our software,


It cleans the documents which may be in bad conditions like the black spots or unreadable pages.


You can put the PDF documents in the other applications.


It converts the PDF documents into other documents like DOCX, XPS, TXT, RTF, HTML, DHTML, CSV, TXT.


It combines the PDF files into a single document.


It split the PDF documents into a single file.

Free Download

How to Download?

We have provided the link in the order in which you should download PDF Merge. To download PDF Merge, you can directly click the links given below. Or download the software from our software library.

How to Install PDF Merge?

If you are new to the world of software development, then you might not know where to install the software. Once you have downloaded the software, you should have a simple way to install it. Just follow the below given instructions.

Once you have downloaded the software

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Using KeyMacro software, users can generate a one-time password or securely store the master key on any Windows password-protected CD, CD-ROM, or USB flash drive. When users insert this password-protected device into a Windows PC, they are prompted to enter the password to unlock the device. However, no special security software is required to use this method.
Features of KeyMacro software:
+ Generate one-time password
+ Generate secure master key
+ Protect CD, CD-ROM, or USB flash drive with password
+ Securely store master key on password-protected CD, CD-ROM, or USB flash drive
+ Password protected devices are supported: CD, CD-ROM, USB flash drive, Zip drive, and many more
+ Support multiple languages
+ Generate one-time password
KeyMacro is a simple-to-use software that can generate one-time passwords and secure your PC with a password-protected device that cannot be copied without cracking the password, leaving you with peace of mind. The software can generate passwords of any length and complexity. For example, you can use KeyMacro to create single passwords or passwords that change each time a user logs in to your PC. These passwords are unique and cannot be copied or stolen from the original device.
+ Generate one-time password
After you insert a password-protected CD into your Windows PC, you will be prompted to enter the password to unlock the device. Once you have entered the password, KeyMacro software will generate a new password that is unique to the CD. This password will be used for all logins to the system and must be saved before you can use the CD.
+ Secure Master Key
With KeyMacro, you can create a master password that is used to protect sensitive information on your PC. When you insert a password-protected USB flash drive into a PC, you will be prompted to enter the master password. After you have entered the master password, KeyMacro software will then create a secure master key for the USB flash drive. For a more secure alternative, you can also use the software to generate a random password that is used to protect the master key. This password cannot be seen or copied by unauthorized users.
+ Support Multiple Languages
KeyMacro supports multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish,

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Bible Study Software

3.11 – 2013-10-12

Bible Study Software Description

Bible Study Software Key Features:

Create and print study notes

Multiple views of Bible reference

Easy search

Multiple commentaries

Format text to match the Bible

MyNotes Organizer

MyNotes Organizer Description

MyNotes Organizer is a study management application that offers users with tools and features that allow them to plan and organize their Bible studies.
Bible Study System
MyNotes Organizer works in conjunction with the Bible Study System, a feature of the Bible Study Bible software (BDB). With the Bible Study System, users can record their notes in the Bible Study program, and then these notes can be added to their personal collection of notes.
An additional feature of MyNotes Organizer is the ability to synchronize notes to BDB, and a full-featured Bible Study Guide that allows users to perform Bible studies based on their collected notes.
Record and categorize notes
Users can easily record notes in the study using the note function of BDB, then associate these notes with a specific category in the MyNotes Organizer. The notes will be categorized automatically as soon as they are added to the system.
Users can also enter an optional date for the notes, and then the notes are presented in chronological order, or sorted by date.
View all of the notes that are stored in the database
When users search the database for notes that are associated with a specific topic, all of the notes that match the query are listed in a separate window. From the notes window, users can view the date and time of the notes, as well as the category and source of each note.
Transcribe and note the Bible text
When users select notes, a window opens where they can enter and transcribe the Bible verses that are associated with the notes. This transcribing feature allows users to look for significant words and phrases in the text of the Bible, and have these words and phrases recorded in the notes.
Search and Filter notes
MyNotes Organizer has two powerful search tools that enable users to search for notes that are stored in the system. The search can be performed by date, category, or source, and the search can be narrowed by any number of variables.
Format text to match the Bible
MyNotes Organizer has options for formatting the text within the notes. Users can enter text into the notes using different fonts

What’s New in the?

DocuRiver File Conversion Plus is a user-friendly piece of software that allows users to convert any document into PDF format, as well as into a variety of other formats.
Create any PDF file type from a single document
The application makes it easy for users to convert their original files into PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML formats. Users can also save the converted PDF file to a folder on their computers, as well as to the cloud, for an easy access experience.
Moreover, this tool can convert both types of documents – PDFs and non-PDFs – with equal ease. It is also possible to choose the number of pages to convert into the document, as well as specify the page range or set of pages to convert.
Simplified and intuitive user interface
The software features a relatively simplistic yet easy-to-understand user interface, which makes the conversion process a lot easier for users.
Users can choose to save the converted files to a specific location on their computers, to the cloud, or directly to a specified URL, and they can also manually choose the names for the output files.
By using this tool, users can also choose to turn the input document into a thumbnail, and even further, they can opt to embed the thumbnails in a single page of the final document.
Advanced PDF customization capabilities
With this software, users can also combine PDF files into a single document, and can further customize the output file.
They can choose the number of pages to join, which would allow them to create the document from the first page to the last one in a single file. They can also combine specific pages instead of the entire document, thus giving users the power to include only the odd or even pages, as well as specific pages from the original document.
Furthermore, users can choose the PDF format they want their files to be converted into, and can also set the orientation of the output PDFs. They can also choose to compress the converted PDF document.
All in all, DocuRiver File Conversion Plus is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and efficient tool that allows users to convert any document into a PDF file, as well as into several other formats.
DocuRiver File Conversion Plus Features:

PDF Transformer is a user-friendly piece of software that allows users to convert PDF files into a variety of different document types, including JPG, PNG, and TIFF images.
Create any file type from a single PDF
With this application, users can create a variety of image formats from the original PDF documents. This allows them to transform PDF documents into JPG, PNG, and TIFF images.
For example, the application can use the scanned images of a PDF document to create JPEG or PNG images. In case the original file is a scan of a form, users can create a form image in a JPG or PNG format.
Moreover, the tool

System Requirements For Tipard PDF Joiner:

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