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The Martian (English) 2 In Telugu Dubbed Movie


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The first comedy-fiction film based on the novel by Andy Weir, which takes place on Mars.
In 2015, a two-hour director’s cut of the film, translated into Russian, was released on Earth 2 Mars – Earth 2 Mars.
The film is based on the book by Andy and Kelly Weir and was released in 2017.

According to academics, the film overtook the films of James Cameron in the rankings, which collected $ 8.3 million during its premiere screening.
The plot was based on Andy’s book-parable « Earths Two Mars » (2010), which combines science fiction, fantasy and biography. This is a story about a group of scientists who are trying to turn Mars into an Earth colony. Their expedition is in distress. Two scouts descend to the surface of Mars – Artemis and Ellis. Artemis on Earth lost her virginity. Her mother is very upset, because she never saw her daughter in her daughter. Unexpectedly, another message arrives from Earth from an Earthman also named Artemis. It turns out that their fathers: one – Artemis, and the other – Ellis – are relatives. Ellis heads to Earth to meet his father. They spend a lot of time together. They want to kill Ellis because his father is behind a terrorist organization. Ellis’ mother sees him by surprise and hides him in the shower. However, he still falls into the hands of the terrorists who kidnapped his daughter. Next, Elena and Artemis fight the terrorists together.
The world described in the book has some parallels with modern events on Earth, but it is distinguished by the presence of ideals, including a humane attitude towards other people, and towards nature. The filmmakers do not adhere to these criteria and still release the film on DVD.
The film’s budget was $74.7 million.
In general, the film was liked because it has a plot, adventures, beautiful scenery and good acting. The film « Earth 2 Mars » – average 7/10
Information about the film « Earth. Mars. Jupiter » is available at international.ucsb.ed