Image collections need constant attention and periodical organizing, especially if new items are being added on a regular basis. In addition, some of them might need a bit of retouching or enhancement, in order to correct their flaws and improve their overall quality.
View and catalog your photo collection
STOIK Imagic delivers all of these features and a few more, allowing you to perform a wide array of operations on your pictures. Besides being a fully-featured media browser and viewer, the application can also rotate, resize and enhance your images, as well as retouch defects and add effects to improve their quality.
The Dark Room feature enables you to control a multitude of parameters for your photos, including temperature, tint and saturation levels. You can also increase or decrease the exposure, add more definition to the shadows and adjust the brightness and contrast levels. Furthermore, you can access more advanced features, like sharpness, red-eye removal or chromatic aberration.
Send the pictures as email attachments, or upload them on Facebook
After you finish editing your collection, you can start sending the files to your friends using the built-in email function, or make them public on the Internet by uploading them on popular image sharing websites, such as Flickr or Google Picasa. In addition, you can post them on your Facebook timeline directly from inside the application. Web albums and animated slideshows can also be created using STOIK Imagic and you can even save the slideshows as executable files.
In order to keep close tabs on your collection, the utility enables you to view detailed information about each item, by accessing its EXIF data. This can also be used to sort and search through the images, as well as add Geotagging locations using Google Earth.
Closing arguments
Thanks to the comprehensive amount of features and the numerous picture enhancement possibilities, STOIK Imagic is an ideal tool to keep your image collection organized and properly cataloged. In addition, the handy Facebook and Flickr upload functions make it even easier for you to share photos on the Internet.







STOIK Imagic X64

With the market being flooded with digital camera hardware and software, you have more reasons than ever to have an organized and cataloged photo album. But the problem is that your photo collection is being scattered all over your disk or in your email inbox. STOIK Imagic is your comprehensive solution to this dilemma, allowing you to keep your pictures organized and cataloged in no time.

Fast searches, rotates, and much more
Thanks to the integrated image browser, STOIK Imagic allows you to quickly access and open any image in your collection without having to select its file name first. The app also features the ability to rotate and re-size your pictures, for all kinds of purposes.
Rotate your images to any angle
Rotating images is a great way of hiding away any unappealing features, improving their overall quality or adding clever visual effects to them.
The Rotate dialog box contains a variety of predefined parameters that you can use to perform such manipulations. For instance, you can choose temperature, tint, saturation and contrast levels to control your picture’s overall appearance. You can also choose from various advanced options, such as adding grayscale or greyscale effects, sharpening the edges or even making the picture black-and-white. In addition, you can also change the orientation of your images and even adjust their brightness and contrast.
Resize your pictures
The ability to resize images allows you to keep them perfect for your own requirements. Moreover, you can alter their size, keeping the aspect ratio, and also crop them, if needed.
To resize your images, just drag the sizing handles that are displayed in the bottom right corner of the main window. You can specify their width, height, position and even choose whether you want to keep the source aspect ratio or not.
Change the image format
STOIK Imagic features a built-in converter that allows you to access and open any kind of image format. On the other hand, it is also possible to export and download files to various formats, including JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and PNG. Furthermore, you can create slide shows using different image types in various slideshows.
Enhance your pictures
STOIK Imagic comes with a wide variety of advanced image enhancement options. For example, you can change image brightness and contrast, add and enhance color levels, sharpness, chromatic aberration, red-eye effect or noise removal. All the manipulations can

STOIK Imagic

STOIK Imagic is an ideal application for photo lovers, offering some of the most useful and advanced features available.
Advanced photo browser, viewer and editor
Unique Dark Room feature enables you to refine a multitude of image parameters, such as temperature, tint and saturation levels
Allows you to create and send email attachments or publish them on Facebook
Allows you to upload the images to popular image sharing websites, such as Flickr and Google Picasa
Allows you to save the images or export them as EXE files for web slideshows
Supports EXIF data for file and photo statistics
Retouches and enhances defects in your photos
Enables you to correct red eye, chromatic aberration and more with just a few clicks
Access advanced image-manipulation features, such as brightness, contrast and sharpness
Use the built-in controls or export the results to a vector graphics format for further editing
Allows you to view photo details, such as EXIF data or Geotagging locations
Allows you to sort the images by keyword, creation date, or location
Key Features:
Unique Dark Room feature
Enables you to control a multitude of parameters for your photos, including temperature, tint and saturation levels
Allows you to access more advanced image-manipulation features, such as brightness, contrast and sharpness
Allows you to view photo details, such as EXIF data or Geotagging locations
Comprehensive list of advanced features
Allows you to retouch, enhance and correct defects in the images
Groups multiple selected images automatically
Allows you to save and send email attachments and publish them on Facebook
Allows you to create and save web albums and animated slideshows
Allows you to share slideshows on Facebook and Google Picasa
Allows you to customize your favorites and folders
Allows you to access your photo files and import new files
Supports EXIF data for file and photo statistics
Allows you to add keywords to the image title
Sorts the images by keyword, creation date and location
Edits the EXIF information for your files
Allows you to remove or rename the location metadata
Organizes your images by year, month and date
Lets you use digital cameras from Canon, Nikon and Pentax
Enables you to play the image directly in the program
Supports all the major HD formats
Support for popular image editing plug-ins: AiForge, GimpShop, PhotoPaint, PhotoShop, Picasa, Photomatix, Photoscape

STOIK Imagic Product Key

STOIK Imagic is a freeware image cataloging and management application that can automatically rotate, resize and enhance your photos. It has a wide array of effects that can be used to improve the look of your pictures, including the usual exposure and color correction. Additional features include sharpening, red-eye removal, chromatic aberration correction and many more.
Photo Editing Features:
• Picture editing options
• Retouch defects
• Increase/decrease sharpness
• Brightness/contrast adjustments
• Automatic exposure
• Automatic color correction
• Retouching
• Photostitcher
• Chromatic aberration correction
• Image rotations and auto crop
• GIF Animation creation
• Web albums
• Posting on Facebook and Flickr
• Email images (publication mode only)
• Geotagging
• Icon editing
• Support for dates and sizes
• Web browser window for catalog and image viewing
• Control parameters for each picture
• EXIF data extraction
• Open, save and send pictures as email attachments (publication mode only)
• Includes 5 different themes
• Image search
• Add Geo-tags
• File preview
• Thumbnails can be enlarged
• View the detailed information about each image
• File sorting
• Language: English
• English language (for users outside US)
• 46.36 MB

CamSoft Image Dialog Professional 2.0.2
CamSoft Image Dialog Professional is a professional tool for editing images by the touch of a finger. It can rotate, crop, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, add text or blur effect to your pictures.
Key features:
• Edit your images with just a finger: Fast and easy image edditing. Just touch and use the most powerful features available. Every feature can be modified in 2 seconds.
• Fast: Camsoft Image Dialog is a fullfeatured editor and viewer. You can open more than 600 image types.
• Efficient: Camsoft Image Dialog is a professional and easy to use application that allows you to perform any intensive tasks with just the touch of a finger.
• Powerful: The most important feature of Camsoft Image Dialog is that you don’t need any special knowledge to edit your images. All the editing parameters are presented with values that you can modify with just the touch of a finger.
• Easy: Camsoft Image Dialog is designed to let you choose the image crop and rotate/scale that is

What’s New in the STOIK Imagic?

Multiple image cataloging and viewing utilities are available from the manufacturer of STOIK, a leading provider of multimedia recording and digital imaging applications. This package bundle comes with: Imagic Photo Viewer – a media viewer for digital images, video and audio files, allowing you to explore your media collection, sort it by date and type of media; Dark Room – a professional-level photo retouching and enhancement suite, used to correct flaws, correct color balance and add various enhancement techniques, retouch portraits, remove red-eye, etc.; and STOIK Photo Cleaner – a well-developed image processing utility, allowing you to rotate, resize and enhance your pictures, optimize printing quality, fix format or language problems, and add text, graphics and various other effects. A whole host of features are available to enhance your photos, including in-depth EXIF metadata editing, full-featured slideshow creation, sharing on the web, and easy email/Facebook attachment sending.

Show off the best of Nikon Digital Photography
Without a camera, you’re missing out on the best of Nikon Digital Photography. By using a computer with a network connection and plenty of memory, you can shoot and view amazing images and share them with others.
You can shoot great photographs with a digital camera and display them in your camera software or on a compatible web browser.
When you want to share your images with friends, family, and colleagues, you can show off their amazing photographs at the same time.
This guide tells you how to use your computer to edit and manage your photos and digital images, and how to get creative with them to create amazing photo montages or share your favorite memories with others.

Process and Correct Images
Most photos you take are stored in RAW format. Converting RAW images to TIF or JPEG may cause image quality to suffer and the color depth to be lowered.
The RAW Developer module of the well-known editing software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can process RAW images. RAW Developer allows you to develop RAW images into TIF images or to convert a TIF image into a RAW format.
In addition, RAW Developer can perform several creative effects and can also optimize the color by adjusting the color balance of the image. All of these functions can be performed even without a RAW camera.
You can then convert your TIF or RAW images to JPEG and JPG format. This allows you to create a smaller file that can be viewed on a web browser or loaded into a digital camera.
Print your images

System Requirements:

1 GHz Processor
HD Graphics 3250
3 GB DirectX 11 Video Card
3 GB Hard Drive Space
Dual-Core Processor
Latest OS: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Additional Notes:
DirectX 11
Sound Settings:
TV settings:
Connection to the Internet:
Sign in:
If you encounter problems after the installation, you can fix the issue by following the steps below: