Given the popularity of the PDF file format, it’s no surprise that there are so many tools dedicated to viewing and making adjustments to documents belonging to this extension.
One such piece of software is Softdiv PDF Split and Merge, whose purpose might not be original but could benefit users who want to make sure their PDF can be easily joined or split.
Helps you split PDFs by various criteria
As said, the PDF merger and splitter is all about ease of navigation, with very little computer knowledge being required in order to handle it successfully.
As such, if you want to split a larger PDF document into multiple smaller ones, you simply need to select your file, then choose one of the methods you want to apply. You may turn each of its pages into separate documents, or you can group a certain number of pages into a single file. Other than that, you have the possibility of deleting certain pages or by indicating a specific page range you want to be reorganized into a single PDF document.
Once you have decided on the way to go, all that is left for you to do is specify an output location in case you don’t think the default one – which can be changed by accessing the “Settings” windows – suits your needs.
Can join and preview multiple PDF files
As for how you can merge PDF files, things are equally straightforward. You just need to add as many documents as you want, and in case you want to change their position on the list, you can rest assured that is possible as well.
It should also be said that, regardless of whether you want to split or merge your PDFs, previewing them is possible, so you don’t need another tool in order to check their contents before deciding if they should be included or removed from your project.
All things considered, Softdiv PDF Split and Merge is a user-friendly app that serves a pretty simple purpose, namely that of helping you remove certain pages from your PDFs or join them with other files. The app ran without hiccups during our tests, looks intuitive, and this is reason enough to give it a chance.


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Softdiv is the world’s leading provider of document management software, with hundreds of thousands of users in over 100 countries. Version 2.5 is a substantial upgrade of the original implementation, with significant changes to both user interface and underlying code. The story can be read here.
The original software supported about 7 modes of splitting.
This new version offers a lot more! It supports:
– Text-only mode to create individual pages from the document.
– Join mode to merge multiple PDF files into a single document.
– Index mode to place PDF pages at the top of the single document.
– Sort mode to move PDF pages around within the document.
– Paragraph mode to rearrange text on a per-paragraph basis.
– Individual mode to split the document into a series of smaller documents each containing a portion of the original document.
– Multiple mode to assign multiple PDF documents to the single document.
– Paragraph mode to split a PDF document into several constituent paragraphs, if at all possible.
– Blank mode to assign a section of the document to a blank document.
– Text-only mode to split the document into individual documents.
– And more…
Version 2.5 Features:
– New artwork and a better overall appearance.
– Import individual pages from other documents.
– Improved navigation of the page list and import dialogs.
– Improved graphical handling of PDF pages.
– Improved scroll control.
– A new command line tool that enables you to create new sections by hand.
– Bug fixes.
Softdiv PDF Split and Merge Cracked Accounts Product Key Features:
– Simple navigation tool.
– Remove pages and create new sections from other documents.
– Sort page by position (and other criteria).
– Move page around within document, or add it to another document.
– Import pages from other PDF documents or directly from the clipboard.
– Set pages to blank or split them into individual documents.
– Insert and delete pages from the current document.
– Pristine tagging, page re-ordering and page renumbering.
– Archive, encrypt, watermark, and convert PDF documents.
– PDF generation from any application or file.
– Preview and clean up PDF documents.
– Print.
– PDF Digital Signatures.
Softdiv PDF Split and Merge Key Commands:
– Full PDF management tool with tons of built-in commands.
– Drag and drop support on both documents and page numbers.

Softdiv PDF Split And Merge Crack +

Cracked Softdiv PDF Split and Merge With Keygen is a free PDF tool that has been designed to help you change or edit your PDF content, adding and removing pages from its content.

The app is a perfect companion to other PDF files as it is capable of doing both splitting and merging.

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Softdiv PDF Split And Merge Full Version

Softdiv PDF Split and Merge supports splitting PDFs into multiple PDFs or merging multiple PDFs into one PDF. The software works great for anyone who needs to split or join numerous PDFs. It can also automatically split PDF files or join PDFs with other documents. Main features:1.Split PDF files automatically or select manually by page range.2.Merge multiple PDFs into one document or select files by page range.3.Split or Merge files as a full screen slideshow.4.Automatic PDF file repair.5.Supports text split of PDF pages.6.Supports text merge of PDF pages.

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What’s New In?

Easy-to-use PDF splitter and merger. Merges multiple PDF files into a single PDF. Split PDF files into multiple PDF documents.
How to Install Softdiv PDF Split and Merge:
Install Softdiv PDF Split and Merge by clicking on the button below. You will be taken to Softdiv website. Here you may either upgrade to Softdiv PDF Split and Merge or purchase the Software.
Download Softdiv PDF Split and Merge

Softdiv PDF Splitter & Merge is a powerful software, which offers the ability to split a PDF file and merge multiple PDF files into single PDF. The software is useful for educational institutions, corporations, and libraries.
Softdiv PDF Split & Merge is a powerful application designed to help you split a PDF file and merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. The application is helpful for educational institutions, corporations, and libraries. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to split, merge, combine, and remove pages from PDF files using a simple drag and drop interface. The features include the ability to split PDF files by name, type, font, and presence of special fields. You can also merge PDFs that contain several pages into a single PDF file. The application can also remove specified pages from a PDF file. You can also preview the files before splitting and merging and the process is easy to handle.
Split PDFs by name, type, font, and presence of special fields.
Merge PDFs with several pages into one PDF file.
Search and remove selected pages from a PDF.
Preview the files before splitting and merging.
Fix PDFs with different pages.
Remove specified pages from a PDF.
Split a PDF by page range.
Merge PDFs into a single file.
How to Install Softdiv PDF Splitter & Merge:
You can download Softdiv PDF Splitter & Merge from the following link:
Download Softdiv PDF Split & Merge

PDF Splitter is a handy tool, which allows you to split PDF files and merge PDF files in the same operation.
PDF Splitter allows you to split a PDF document into multiple files or join multiple PDF documents. The software can split a PDF file into multiple files or join multiple PDF files. It lets you split a PDF or merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file quickly and easily. It also lets you preview, search, and remove the pages. It is highly compatible with MS Windows and Mac.
PDF Splitter Features:
Simple and

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X, iOS, or Android OS
5 MB available hard disk space
A DirectX compatible graphics card
Please visit the official website here to install the game.
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