Quick Recovery For Lotus Notes Crack For PC

1. Recover deleted mails.
2. Recover lost addresses and Form Fields.
3. Fix corrupted mails.
4. Fix damaged attachments.
5. Remove duplicate mails.
6. Enhance mail access.
7. Repair searched lists and search history.
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WHAT’S NEW IN Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes :
– Now You can explore lost files and folders that can be recovered from ‘Recover deleted or corrupted documents’ feature.
– Now You can get ‘Remaining Recovery Options’ which is used when the overwritten partitions or deleted Recovered Files are not enough for recovering all the emails.
– Now You can delete duplicate mails manually or select them from found mails.
– Now You can check the compatibility of recovered files before saving.
– Now You can support to restore Form Fields of all Notes Domains and Roles.
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May the Peace and Prosperity of All Be With You Always.

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Quick Recovery For Lotus Notes Torrent (Latest)

Recover damaged Lotus Notes by fully unpack your Lotus Notes index file.
You can quickly unpack the index files by using the features of Analyse in Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes which allows you to locate and recover lost contacts, appointments, notes and other information. The tool also allows you to extract files, notes, mail and folders from a corrupted NSF.
Data loss is when a file gets corrupted and is not readable. Most of the file system need to be restored to reach back the original state, in the case of Lotus Notes these are contacts, appointments and notes but it can be many things like log files, backup files, documents and several other things. For this the Recover tool is used to recover the lost or corrupted Lotus Notes and restore it. The tool is backed up by our 100% tested and tested support team. Don’t worry if you’re facing such situations and you need to recover your Lotus Notes. You just need to follow two steps and we can restore them back in no time.
Recovery Features:
Unpack NSF files.
Recover mail, contacts, notes and other attachments.
Recovers back contacts, appointments, messages, notes and attachments from NSF.
Recover all notes and appointments from NSF and bring it to the working state.
Recover Lotus Notes CD’s.
Recover back contacts, appointments, messages, notes and attachments from NSF.
With our successful and latest recovery results you can be sure about our recovery tool’s features.
To the best of my knowledge this is the first product of its kind. It is a remarkable product, especially for Lotus Notes users. It has brought a new light to the recovery of the Notes NSF files.
For this reason it has been awarded by the year 2012.
For the past 5 years my company has been fully depending on Quick Recovery tool. We have used it for several recovery tasks and it has proved its worth time and time again. It is a quick, easy and simple software to recover Lotus Notes NSF files and mails and it has best recovery results. We are much obliged to the product’s developers for creating this.
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Why use Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes?
You can recover Lotus Notes without worrying about data loss.
Quick Recovery has proven itself time and again, and it has been awarded by the year

Quick Recovery For Lotus Notes PC/Windows

It can recover Lotus Notes mail and addresses from NSF/NSM and ODS format.

Recover both Mails and Addresses from NSF/NSM and ODS format in Lotus Notes.

Create a backup of those recovered files (In fact, you have already done so, but you can always use this backup as a replica).

The software is really helpful in recovering lost email and other files from NSF/NSM and ODS format.

Save the recovered mail and addresses into mailbox format.

Database Mail Recovery options:

Include Deleted Items

Include Unread Items

Select Recovered Items (Mailbox)

Select Recovered Items (Inbox)

Direct Mail Recovery options:

Recover Deleted Items

Recover Unread Items

Select Recovered Items (Mailbox)

Select Recovered Items (Inbox)

Schedule Task

The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. The software can repair lost mailboxes in Notes 10 and Notes 5.1 and later versions. The toolkit supports both MS Outlook and Notes client on various platforms.

Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes Screenshot

Data Recovery using Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes

Powerful Toolkit:

Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes File System Recovery

In case if you lost all your mails and other related data, Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes can help you out in saving your time and money. You can quickly recover your lost emails by accessing its GUI. In order to recover your data, the tool will prompt you to provide two forms of details.

Form1: Lotus Notes Client Version

Form2: Notes Client Version

Username & Password

Once you complete both the steps, the software will use advanced filtering techniques to find out the old & new mailboxes. The tool will scan the client for extracting the missing data. To further retrieve the missing data, it will display the names of recovered items for you. To save your efforts, it will prompt you to save recovered emails into new mailbox folder structure.

What Can Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes Repairs?

It will recover all mail items including deleted mails, drafts, contacts, attachments, calendar items, journals, search items, task manager, notes and multiple databases from Lotus Notes client and NSF/NSM and ODS format of mailboxes. To save your time, it

What’s New In?

Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes is a Lotus Notes mail recovery and repair program. It will retrieve the deleted or lost emails and restore the important emails from the notes. You can retrieve your important emails for your clients, business partners and family in just a few clicks. You can also repair corrupted Lotus Notes database files. The program can also restore and recover all types of corrupt email and personal contacts like address books, calendars, journals, presentations, and tasks from Lotus Notes databases. Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes has very powerful features like password protection and MDM that will easily perform the process of data recovery and the user friendly interface makes it easy for the users to perform the process.

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System Requirements For Quick Recovery For Lotus Notes:

You can run the game even if you don’t have DirectX installed, and have the minimum recommended system requirements as displayed below.
Minimum Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i5 @ 3.2 GHz / AMD FX @ 4.0 GHz
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD R9 270 or better, and support for at least one Nvidia GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon R5 M330 or better with 4 GB VRAM.
Storage: 40 GB available space