With Physis Mail , sending out personalized bulk email and newsletters to your
customers and clients just got a whole lot easier! All you have to do is select the recipients, write the email and click on the Send button.
You can easily import recipients from databases,ODBC Files, Excel, text files or enter them manually.









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You know the pros and cons about bulk emailing via Internet – it’s not the most effective way
but, if you have a lot of emails to send, it’s probably the cheapest option. Which is why we developed Physis
Mail: a faster, better and cheaper way to send out bulk emails.
You can store your recipients in a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite database and import them in bulk to Physis
Mail. You can also export them to a text or CSV file, or send them by email using Python Smtp
Library. All the recipients are « Smart » so they only receive emails when you choose to send them from
Physis Mail, not as an email from the spam filters, etc.
Features include:
– Unlimited amount of users
– Security: uses Sender ID (SPF, DNS, DMARC)
– Easy to use
– 40 character limit for Subject (in the free version)
– Transactional emails – the mails won’t be sent until you confirm that the recipient does
not have a limit on his/her email account.
– Supports HTML, CSS or plain text emails
– Work With php, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, PHP Scripts, Php Scripts, Ruby, and ASP.Net
– There are even tutorials and documentation
– There is a 30-day money back guarantee
– Supports Thunderbird, NNTP, POP3, and IMAP
– Supports SSL: in other words, e-mail messages are delivered securely.
– You can import Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX, AOL, GT, Live, Yahoo and Exchange addresses
– PhysisMail is web-based, so you’ll never need to install anything. It can be used on both
Windows and Linux.
– Everything is stored in memory until you export to a file, so there are no server connections
needed for every email.
– You can create your own email templates!
– There is a blacklist for a large number of email providers, and SPF allows you to send emails with
a specific sender ID so other providers will accept and deliver your messages.
You can also use DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) to ensure
that emails arrive in the inbox of your clients, as well as domain-keys, DKIM, SPF and URL filtering.

Physis Mail Crack + Free

Physis Mail For Windows 10 Crack is a web-based application that you can use to create personalized newsletters and bulk emails.
You can even create customized emails based on several options, including:
* Subject
* Address Book
* Zip Codes
* Location Based Search
* Text Attachments
* Attachments with Any File Type
Use the integrated Mail Merge tools to write and format your newsletters using any of the following options:
* Text
* Plain Text
Mail Merge Options:
Custom Fields:
Mail Merge Features:
Import and Export:
Use Physis Mail Crack Mac to save valuable time and resources.
Create and Send Millions of Emails
Create and send your bulk emails.
– Create your own Custom email templates.
– Create your own HTML newsletter or web application.
– Create your own plain text email or word processor file.
– Use the built-in Mail Merge tool to create your own email templates
Includes a built-in « COPY and PASTE » feature for quick and easy creation of attachments.
Standard Attachments:
Enter any files or HTML or text to include in the email.
Attach any type of file with a variety of formats.
* 7-Zip
* ZIP Files
* TAR Files
* ARJ Files
* RAR Files
* LHA Files
* SHR Files
* CAB Files
* 7-Zip Files
You can also attach any type of files.
Use Physis Mail to create custom field based on your data/text:
Create the content for the custom field and/or attach the files to the email.
Create customized fields to match up with your unique data/text.
Fields Options:
The following options are available to customize the custom fields for the recipients that you choose.
* Subject
* Body
* CC
* Plain Text
* Attachments
* Text
* Plain Text
* Attachments
The option to Customize is a no-brainer for you to create customized emails in a flash of time.
Choose the recipient, select the custom field to edit and type to add/edit content of the custom field.
Add, edit, delete and create several custom fields.
Edit the fields.

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Physis Mail is a efficient, powerful Bulk Email Software that can manage your email campaigns of millions of recipients efficiently and effectively. It can import various mailing lists and bulk mail merge folders. You can schedule your mailings in advance or at any time. You can configure up to 2 mail merge sources and also you can change your designs as often as you want. Physis Mail can export your mailing list to Excel file and other formats as well. If your contact list is in a folder you can download your contacts to different formats such as CSV, TXT, HTML, Text files and XML. Now, you can import contacts from LinkedIn, CardDav Pro, Gmail, Outlook, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Facebook, GMX and many others.Physis Mail has an excellent visual wizard that will help you import your contacts easily. All the import options are easily accessible to let you select your options and set the values. Import contacts from different kinds of formats such as CSV, TXT, HTML and TEXT. It supports HTML and Text formats so you don’t need to convert your contact lists to CSV or TXT format. The advanced feature to merge contacts based on a particular value will help you to merge your contacts according to your needs and save your time to create more than one merge design for your campaign. This advanced feature is very helpful when you want to merge contacts to send newsletters to your customers and clients.Physis Mail 2.0 has the capability to use different kinds of methods to merge your contacts. You can easily merge contacts to email in its Merge view. The merge design can be easily configured when setting up your merge design. You can use rules to add and remove contacts in the list as well. Its Merge view is very easy to use and simple in design. You can also add merge design to the Rules. If you want to merge contacts based on any condition then you can set up rules as well. Physis Mail can also schedule your mailings based on the time and date. You can also select your contacts the frequency to send them.Physis Mail also allows you to import recipients from Microsoft Outlook. It will convert email addresses from Outlook file and will import contacts to Physis Mail. You can import contacts and merge contacts from Microsoft Outlook. You will need Outlook file for conversion. You can select the frequency in Outlook file. You can export contacts to various formats such as CSV, TXT, HTML, Text and others. You can import contacts from Microsoft

What’s New in the?

Physis Mail is an easy-to-use and powerful bulk email editor, that allows you
to create,send and track your own personal newsletter using a graphical
interface. As you don’t have to write email everytime you want to send a
new newsletter, you can easily create newsletters to be delivered from
time to time to your customers, subscribers, clients, persons on your
database, contacts and even customers who visits your websites. There
is no need to worry about your recipient mailboxes, what they use,
so you can send all your messages to them in the same manner. Physis
Mail is your personal bulk mailing program which you can use to create
your own bulk email and newsletters for all your customers.

Email Editor:

Mail body editor:

Recipients editor:

Address book editor:

SMTP Settings:

Send option:


Rules manager:

Routing Settings:

The program lets you set any frequency you want to send
new newsletters. You can choose to send 1 newsletter per day, 1
per week, 1 per month, 1 per hour or even 1 per minute. Even if you
choose to send each newsletter on the same date and same time each
week, it’s totally up to you. No extra staff or anything is
needed to send all your newsletters, they are just a matter of a
mouse click away! It’s really that easy!

All the newsletters that you create are delivered
to your email address. You can choose to have them send to your
inbox or even a specific folder. You can even specify which folders
should receive the newsletters, so you will have control over what
content is sent, which should not be sent and which should be
sent. You can even add criteria to the emails you deliver, so you
can only send newsletters to recipients who bought your program,
who visited your website, people who spend more than XX amount of
money on your program, customers in the list on your customer
database, people who are on the same server as you, people with a
certain country code, people who have bought a certain product,
people who like a certain product, people who use a certain
version of your program, people who have visited your website,
customers who have purchased from you directly… You name it, it’s
possible to have the criteria and the delivery conditions

System Requirements For Physis Mail:

OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5000 or NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Input: DirectInput compatible game controller
Additional Notes: Controller support is required for online multiplayer and achievements.