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Registry Analyser is a simple, yet effective, tool for creating a complete analysis of your system’s registry. It supports all 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. Registry Analyser is made up of three main components;
Registry Viewer – a registry viewer for windows, which allows you to view and analyse your registry, quickly and easily.
The first screen gives you an overview of the registry. You can view the path, size and versions of the registry, as well as identify registry key
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Easy To Use – PCMyWay is designed to help you in using applications and PC properly. PCMyWay makes your life easier by giving you an ideal reading experience of any file you are opening.
Multiple Languages – PCMyWay is available in multiple languages such as German, French, Spanish and many more languages.
Organise Files – PCMyWay can organise your file content into stacks by groups, categories and folders.

EasiUpload Express is a convenient windows tool that can upload and download files from the internet. It allows you to easily upload or download any size of file, or even multiple files at the same time directly into your computer, phone or any external USB drive,

Edge Internet Speed Tester is a powerful tool to test the speed of your wireless Internet connection. You can test the speed from your home modem, wireless access points, cable or other various Internet providers.

AlloLock Anti-Theft allows you to track the location of your smartphone through its GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® technology. Upon detecting a new location, the owner of the device can lock and track them remotely. Also included is the feature to sound an alarm to alert the user in case

The Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 is the best security suite for Internet connected smartphones and PC devices. It will help your system keep protected from malicious threats and improve your browsing experience with multiple applications for the Internet and WiFi security.

ASUS Wireless Network Scanner will help you to find out if your home or office network is a Wi-Fi hotspot, a wireless Ethernet network or both. It’ll also tell you if there is interference or obstructions in your environment

The JASPER device is designed to help you search for lost or stolen devices via the JASPER Tracker app, which is available for Android smartphones or tablets. The app is fully compatible with JASPER Tracker hardware

Sysinternals Suite is a collection of useful software utilities created

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Restore, Repair, Optimize, Clean, Optimize, Regenerate, Repair

Clean, Optimize, Repair and Optimize

Find and Clean Invalid and Invalid/Broken Registry Entries

Analyze Registry, Internet and MB Free space.

Quickly Make Startup Scan, Repair Startup Scan and Repair Startup Repair

Optimize and Repair Startup

Optimize Startup and Repair Startup.

Optimize and Repair Startup.

msconfig is a lightweight utility that enables you to modify the Windows bootup settings without requiring system-level tools. msconfig is one of the fastest ways to stop a computer from booting up due to startup problems. Try this free tool today.


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Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry

Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry (local, remote or network)

Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry

Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry

Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry

Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry

Remove invalid, corrupted or broken keys and values from Microsoft Windows registry

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Update Notes –

Fix for issue where Offsets were not sending as they should on a select of Foreign Keys from a store.
Fix for issue where Offsets were missing for some Specificities
Fix for issue where new version was not coming out properly.Q:

Create keystone subdomain with Jetty and REST service

I’m using KeystoneJS to develop a React frontend with some services based on GraphQL and a REST webservice to interact with the DB.
I’m working in a dockerized environment where I have set the REST services listening on localhost:8080 and the Keystone JS on localhost:3000.
I’m able to navigate to localhost:3000/v1/test/workspace and see the dashboard using a local subdomain created with hosts file ( api.localhost).

Now I want to reach the API from other computers in the network, so I edited the hosts file on all of them with the line:

and I tried to reach the REST services using the aforementioned localhost:8080 address. However, I get the following error:

I can’t seem to find the way to specify a subdomain in the /config/env.js file and keep the REST services and Keystone JS working in the same node
Any clues?


Most likely you have a reverse DNS entry setup for api.localhost on your DNS server.
Try using a fully qualified domain name (fqdn)

instead of a subdomain

Also, it might help to install and set a real DNS server and if it is an IPv4 only machine, set your hosts file entry in the format of A for the ip address

A modified clamp technique

What’s New In NmRegScrubPro?

Scrub, clean, protect and fix your registry!
At the risk of over simplifying, the goal of ‘nmRegScrubPro’ is to cure the vast majority of problems directly related to unwanted registry files and entries. This means that those kinds of weird programs that a lot of computer users install that clutter your registry will no longer have the ability to malfunction your computer (regardless of whether you have spyware or not). These unused entries and files do not perform any useful functions in your computer, they just sit there and use up valuable system resources. In fact, some of these entries are gone forever and will not be seen again.
Running the ‘nmRegScrubPro’ routine will detect the majority of these problems and will work to either remove the items directly or to flag them for backup if you are bothered to save it in the first place.
If your computer is set up to not allow you to access your registry, this tool will detect and extract a backup copy of your registry to use as a temporary copy while you are running the repair itself. This provides you with a copy of the registry that still has the registry entries and files still in place so that when you are done repairing, you can put it back into place and your computer will run like new!
Why ‘NmRegScrubPro’?
When you are in a hurry, or just not sure if something is what it is advertised to be, you should always go to a professional. Professionals are paid to fix things like this, and they will find it and fix it. It could be your motherboard, your CPU, your ram, your battery, your screen, your CD-ROM or anything else. However, if you do not have the right tools, these professionals cannot fix it. If the professionals on this list are not willing to fix it, they will not fix it.
When you use a professional, they will fix it, that is what they are there for. So why use ‘NmRegScrubPro’ instead?
‘NmRegScrubPro’ is a script that is designed to run a repair on your computer using a variety of built in tools to attempt to fix the problem.
NmRegScrubPro also uses a ‘Switch’ to control your commands/options so that you can switch between features. It is mostly used to turn ‘Option Restore’ on/off.
If the repair is successful, you will be prompted to use the ‘NmRegScrub

System Requirements:

1. Intel® Core™ i5 CPU or AMD equivalent
2. A graphics card that supports DirectX 11
3. 8GB of RAM
4. Hard Drive space of at least 20 GB for installation.
Software Requirements:
1. Broadband internet connection to download and install
2. A new hard drive is required to install. Download and install the operating system.
3. Use keyboard and mouse
4. Click on “Next” at the end of installation.
Final notes: