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It seems that the link is dead. Here’s what it looks like on Google:

It’s probably the Melsoft GX developer 8.78G and 8.91V 2011 crack, if you haven’t already downloaded it.


Modify Python Multiline String Appending

Hello and thank you for checking this out. I’ve been working on an assignment for my intro to python class but am stuck on one line.
Basically what the assignment is asking for me to do is read in 5 numbers and write out a score using the add() method and the score = score + 2
The problem I’m running into is that I cannot seem to append the string correctly. I have tried moving the string building out to a list and then appending to the string after appending to the list but to no avail. I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me.
Here’s the code I have:
def readFile():
filename = raw_input(« Enter the filename: « )
print « Reading file « , filename
file = open(filename)
lines = file.readlines()
lines.append(‘Your total score is:’+ score)

def main():
totalScore = int(raw_input(« Enter your score (0 to 100): « ))
totalScore += 2
print « Total score is: « , totalScore



Add the score to the lines list just once:
lines.append(‘Your total score is:’+ score)

Later, in your readFile function, you will need to access this same string:
def readFile():
filename = raw_input(« Enter the filename: « )
print « Reading file « , filename
file = open(filename)
lines = file.readlines()


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How to rewrite this regular expression

I would like to take a text and replace the text between each, with :
string text1= »foo,bar,foo,foo,foo,bar »


I tried the following but this does not match the third foo.
string text = text1.Replace(@ »foo,\d+, », @ »foo,\d+: »,



You need to wrap your pattern in a negative lookbehind assertion (a?b? matches a or b if it is not preceded by a):
string text = Regex.Replace(text, @ »(?

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