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■ For copy-protected work, « JATC » has proven to be very useful. As the maker of « JATC », one of the most powerful pano tour builders, I will be glad to help you to make your tours available on the Web. Please send me an inquiry email for support.
■ As a user, you can also propose your changes to the software, and you can do bug fixes. If you want to submit your change for JATC, please drop me an email as well.
■ As a user, you are also allowed to download the « JATC zip archive » for your personal use. You can download it from my website:
■ You can also try it with JATC 1.1, since the 1.1 version contains many bug fixes and usability improvements.
■ PTViewer 1.1 –
■ PurePlayer 1.3 –
■ PurePlayerPro 1.3 –
■ The term « hotspot » means a button (point) or a polygon (line, polyline, polygon, rectangle).
■ The term « soundspot » means a button (point) or a polygon (line, polyline, polygon, rectangle) where sound is played.
■ « Hotspot location » means the hotspot’s (point/polygon) coordinates in image-coordinates.
■ « Sound spot location » means the soundspot’s (point/polygon) coordinates in image-coordinates.
■ « Selected hotspot » means the hotspot (button/polygon) that was clicked by the user.
■ « Sound play direction » means the direction of the sound that is played when a hotspot is clicked. This is determined by the direction of the hotspot and the « preset » (sound at the hotspot) that was selected by the user.
■ « ADR scene » means a pair of 3D angle coordinates that describe the vertical and horizontal position of the hotspot (point

JATC – Just Another TourCreator 2.1.8 Serial Key (2022)

JATC is a tour creator and viewer that helps you make tours of panos easily. It is a cross between a tour creator and a multitool. This tool allows you to design a tour of several panos as a single tour, and to create tour files from tours you have made on your own.

JATC Tour Creator Tools

1. Saving, loading tour
2. Creating tour files
3. Previewing tours created on your computer

1. Saving and loading tours
– You can save tours created by this tool to files or to Sharepoint. If saving to files, you can attach the tour files to e-mails, or you can put the tours in a folder.

2. Creating tour files
– Tasks created by this tool are used as building blocks for a tour, so you can create a tour with these tasks quickly. This tool creates new tasks for a tour that you want to create.

3. Previewing tours created on your computer
– You can preview tours that are created by this tool, and you can edit the tools set for the tour.

4. Setup tour
– You can create tours for panos that you have already created.

5. Small tour modification, more detailed tour creation
– You can make a tour with just a small modification.

6. Tour creation using building blocks
– You can create a tour with several panos.

7. Spheric tours of panos
– You can make tours that are spheric, which means that all the panos are viewed from the exact same point.

8. Selecting hotspots by location
– You can select hotspots by their location, and you can plot their locations on a map.

9. Sound spots
– You can specify the hotspots for sound spots, and you can place them on the map.

10. Nodal tours of panos
– You can make tours that are nodal, which means that you can navigate the tour by panos.

11. Defining hotspots automatically
– You can specify the hotspot parameters automatically.

12. Tour sharing, sharing tours
– You can share tours with other people, and you can share tours with websites.

13. Selecting tours for preview in video player
– You can select tours for preview in the video player or PTViewer.

14. Copy and paste hotspots

JATC – Just Another TourCreator 2.1.8 Crack+ Full Version Free

JATC aims at simplifying the process of creating tours. The software is designed to give you the support and tools you need to create panos with a tour, that are suitable for presentation in web-cameras, such as SLR-cameras, webcams, or even smartphones.
Creating a tour of several panos might be a hard job if you got many links between the panos. You have to figure out the hotspot location in image-coordinates and transform them into spheric-coordinates. But this software was created to help you reduce your efforts and focus on the actual designing process.
Here are some key features of « JATC Just Another TourCreator »:
■ Creation of complex pano tours or simple single pano
■ Thumbnail gallery for quick navigation (SPi-V and FPP)
■ Defining hotspots interactively
■ Defining of sound spots for directional sound (SPi-V and FPP)
■ Supporting point and polygonal hotspots
■ Automatic hotspot creation
■ Defining nadir/cap/flat image
■ Defining map/floorplan
■ Preview of tour/pano
■ Creation of preview images for panos
■ Create a tour to be viewed with
PurePlayer or PurePlayerPro-Plugin
Flash Panorama Player FPP
■ Supporting ADR scene creation for SPi-V
■ Online help
■ Save and load tour to/from JATC project file
■.NET Framework 2.0
■ PurePlayer plugin, and/or
■ PurePlayerPro plugin, and/or
■ SPi-V (needs 1.4 in JATC 1.2)
■ PTViewer
■ Flash Panorama Player
■ Panos should be equirect or cylindrical

Supporting background #gradient-linear-gradient for background-image property
Supporting background-position-x-y property for background-repeat
Supporting background-size property for background-repeat and background-position properties
Supporting background-size property for background property

What’s New in the JATC – Just Another TourCreator?

JATC is a tour creator software for panoshots. It allows you to create tours
z create private tours ac create a tour of several panos a hotspot-generating tour of several panos. The software uses an of digital photos – taken by you as much as the hotspots – of your as of several panos. A great of digital photos – taken by you as much as the hotspots – of your house, for instance, so that you may a tour of your house a tour of the tours walk and a tour of the hotspots easily have a tour and tour creation.
This software is designed to make it as easy as anything. a tour of a house, for instance, so that you may walk around the house and walk around the tours easily have a tour and tour creation.
In other words, this software allows you to create a shortcut to a tour creation. The software allows you to create a simple click to create a tour of the hotspots in a pano.
The program allows you to easily create a point-map that displays you different hotspots are located in different positions in your house. The map can be placed anywhere, unlike the usual « hotspot-chart, » which is usually placed in one corner.
The program allows you to easily create a map that displays the rooms in your house, along with hotspots of interest.
The program allows you to easily create a map that displays your home in the form of a floorplan.
To create a tour, JATC is a simpler hotspot-generator. You can manually specify the locations of different hotspots, as well as order the hotspots.
In order to create a hotspot automatically, the program can read the location of the hotspot, as well as store the number of hotspots and the distance from each hotspot.
Since this software is designed to look like a hotspot-generator, it doesn’t create a hotspot when you specify a hotspot in the menu. You can create a hotspot anywhere, like a room in your house.
You can create hotspots by yourself, and then put them anywhere you want.
You can define a hotspot in any shape, including polygonal shapes.Josh Broadaway

Joshua Broadaway (born 19 January 1983) is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played in the 2000s and 2010s. He played for the St. George Illawarra Dragonsites and the

System Requirements For JATC – Just Another TourCreator:

All software has been installed and tested on an Intel based system with an AMD Geforce Video card or better
Sleeping City games are easy to install and customize, with no hassle on system updates, as they are compressed via a special system known as « optical disc media »
Upon start up, there is a short optional install-time validation process, to check if the software is working on your system
After the optional install process, there are 2 default or recommended installation settings, including the « Acceleration/Vid » settings tab