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Enterprise Remote Control takes remote connection to a whole new level by providing a solution that does .
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Remote Control 5 – a full-featured Windows Server network administrator, Remote Control 5, makes it easier .
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Remote control for Windows. Home, Remote control for Windows. Remote Control for Windows is a program for remote controlled of .
Remote Control
Remote Control 4.
Remote Control, Remote Control 5, Remote Control 6, Remote Control 7.Enterprise Remote Control 6 for Windows.
Remote Control 5 Company – A full featured network administrator for Windows platforms .
Remote Control 5 is a server for controlling multiple computers from a single Windows machine. .
Remote Control 5 – Network Administrator, Remote Control 4, Remote Control 5, Remote.
Enterprise Remote Control 5, Enterprise Remote Control 5 Download, Enterprise Remote.
Enterprise Remote Control 5 – Network Administrator, Remote Control 4, Remote Control 5, Remote.
Remote Control 5 – Network Administrator, Remote Control 4, Remote Control 5, Remote.
Jun 30, 2010
This is a server-side application. It can be used in Windows .
Remote Control 5: The cutting-edge solution for network administrators and PC users .
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Management software. Manage and control your PC from your mobile device. Automate repetitive tasks to save time. Remote Control5 is a server for controlling multiple computers from a single Windows machine. It can be used in Windows.
The purpose of this app is to connect to multiple PCs over the internet and..
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2023. IntelliAdmin Remote Control 5.
IntelliAdmin Remote Control 5.6. Before you download the IntelliAdmin Remote Control 5.6 build 438, you should take a look at our privacy policy and terms of service. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. IntelliAdmin is a free network control tool. Although IntelliAdmin is a free tool, it is NOT free software.

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React router – url parameters

I am trying to use React Router with a React App.
A React Application that contains a main component called « App ».
And for routing purpose I am using path paramater in the routes definition like this:

In my App component I have a navigation bar and a redirect link, I would like to redirect to this path like this:

But i can’t do it because I don’t know how to pass the url parameters to the redirect link.
If I do

it renders a normal url like this:

If I do it in a normal link:

It renders this :