IdleAction is a handy tool that can be deployed in a series of situations. It can be used to shut down an idle laptop to conserve battery life. Powering off the computer when the user goes asleep is another reason, along with triggering the lock or log-off actions for office workers. There are lots of tools to accomplish the above-mentioned tasks, but this one does it through the Command Prompt, being direct to individuals who prefer that environment.
Because it is a CMD-based utility, IdleAction won't provide a GUI. Run CMD and type in the strings in order to trigger events. Using the provided commands, one can set the action and its duration.
In case you are not fully grasping the CMD system, or you are still learning, an example is provided by the developer on the app's page or in the document within the archive. Along with that, a custom parameter is included for helping with running other programs or scripts related to the task at hand.
To sum things up, IdleAction is a rudimentary application for scheduling different power options. Program a restart, a shutdown, log-off or a simple screen lock, all with the help of the CMD interface.


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When IdleAction is executed, it will ensure the following:

When the computer is idle (not running programs or accessing the Internet), the application will power off the computer.

A custom-made screen lock action is provided by means of the setting -Lock-Screen.

The system is powered off after the time-set time.

Using CMD, IdleAction can also trigger the following actions:

Lock Screen -Locks the screen after the time-set time.

Log Off -Logs off the session after the time-set time.

Restart -Restarts the system after the time-set time.

Crash -Shuts down the computer in case of a computer crash.

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Pause, suspend or reboot your computer, all through the Command Prompt window.

Log off your PC. (Click at the ‘Sign out’ button)

Lock the screen using a password. (Click at the ‘Lock Screen’ button)

Set the computer to sleep mode for 6, 12 or 24 hours. (Click at the ‘Sleep for’ button.)

Command Prompt for scheduling different power options.

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IdleAction Crack Keygen Requirements:

Windows 10 Version 1703

Windows 10 Version 1709

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2008 R2


CMD-based utility, not a GUI

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# Turn off the computer
RUN:cmd /c power /off
# Turn the screen off
RUN:cmd /c power /l 0000004D /f
# Lock your machine for 20 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /s 0000004D /t 0
# Log off your PC
RUN:cmd /c power /l 0000004D /f /t 120
# Log off your PC without locking the screen
RUN:cmd /c power /l 0000004D /f /t 1
# Turn off the mouse
RUN:cmd /c power /m 0000004D /f
# Turn off all output devices
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /f
# Turn on the computer and wait 2 seconds for the bios
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D
# Turn off the computer after 10 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 10
# Turn on the screen after 10 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 10 /l 00000002
# Turn off the computer and wait 120 seconds for the BIOS
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 120
# Turn off the computer after 20 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 20
# Turn off all output devices
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D
# Turn off the computer and wait 1 seconds for the BIOS
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 1
# Turn off the computer and wait 5 seconds for the BIOS
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 5
# Turn off the screen after 10 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 10 /l 00000002
# Turn off the screen after 20 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 20 /l 00000002
# Turn off the screen after 5 seconds
RUN:cmd /c power /a 0000004D /t 5 /l 00000002
# Turn on the mouse and wait 2 seconds for the BIOS
RUN:cmd /c power /m 0000004D
# Turn off the mouse
RUN:cmd /c power /m 0000004D /f
# Turn off all output devices

What’s New in the IdleAction?

* Turn off the computer
* Turn off monitor
* Turn off Hard drive
* Turn off Virtual machine
* Lock the computer
* Shutdown the computer
* Log off the computer

IdleAction Requirements
Power Idle is a CMD application that can be executed on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, all versions of Windows that support CMD. It does not need to be activated or licensed to use.

IdleAction Features
IdleAction can be used to trigger any of the actions explained above.

What is a PE file?

A Portable Executable file contains a variety of information regarding the instructions to run. These instructions can be seen by clicking the file or viewing it in an archive application.

If you are familiar with a certain software, it can be analyzed and opened to view the file’s contents. These will vary depending on the application. You can expect a series of metadata, a program or any other information related to the application.

If the PE file is an executable file and the instructions are clear, they will be run on your system. A section of these instructions can be passed to cmd.exe to have the file run.

If the instructions are unclear, it might not be able to be run properly. It will be known as an unsupported file or an application. If the file is hacked or has been modified, the application will not run.

If the application does not run, it will be shown as an illegal application or virus. Certain actions can be taken depending on the file. We will discuss these in the section Disadvantages of files.

Disadvantages of files

Executable files are very strong. When an executable runs, it loads itself into RAM and begins executing instructions. It’ll use the system’s memory, processor and other resources needed to run.

This gives the file the power to run very quickly, but also has a drawback.

Power takes away from a system. It can make it slow or crash the machine. This is common for different applications and programs. Some will crash or disappear, leaving you with a blank screen and no means to close the application. Others may become unresponsive, denying you access to important resources.

A program can be a virus or a file with malicious software. These programs can lead to a range of problems, from seeing fake websites to spreading other viruses.

The file can’t be reliable. If a program has errors

System Requirements For IdleAction:

Supported: OS X 10.11 or higher
AMD Radeon HD 6670 or higher
Intel Core i5 or higher
A playable experience is possible with a much older or low-end graphics card and system.
Free to Play: Yes
Pay to Win: No
Pay to Win (Can be disabled in Options): Yes
In-App Purchasing: No
Huge thanks to all of our beta testers for giving the game a great go during our Closed Beta Testers period.
We hope you’ll