Just so the computer is a personal space, as the name stands for, various customization options are available both through default Windows set of features, as well as third-party applications like Rainmeter. Dedicated to this popular skin management solution, HDDStatus provides access to different fixed or removable drives directly from the desktop.
This isn’t a standalone package, and Rainmeter needs to be installed on the target PC for everything to work out fine. However, the package is pretty lightweight and integrates almost immediately, but needs to be enabled from the management panel.
HDDStatus comes with two color schemes, namely green and blue. Note that only one item of the same type can be active on the desktop. Needless to say that they benefit from default configuration options like positioning on the desktop, layer priority, click through and more. It’s also possible to edit the INI file for in-depth customization.
Both color schemes contain the same number of HDD elements. Counting up to five, default options initially target fixed drive letters for C, D, E, F, and G. All icons are interactive and bring up the specific drive in File Explorer on mouse click. Removable drives can also be targeted, but manual configurations need to be handled in the corresponding INI files.







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The PC Information and Disk Management utility provides a straightforward interface for examining and managing drive hardware and storage volumes on your computer. The utility also helps you manage storage using Microsoft Windows® Explorer and the included desktop dashboard application. The dashboard application presents a controlled, graphical interface that allows you to easily access, create and manage graphical, multimedia and text information.

1. Solid Explorer for Windows 7
New Solid Explorer help you explore and manage drives, file systems, network resources, and other computer objects in Windows Explorer.
2. Graphical Drive Folders
New graphical Drive Folders help you manage file and storage resources on local hard drives.
3. Graphical Network Drives
New Graphical Network Drives help you manage network resources such as servers, printers, and file servers.
4. Graphical CD-ROM Drives
New Graphical CD-ROM Drives help you manage CD-ROM drives and optical media.
5. Panel Tray
You can put all your hardware, software, and user information into the System Tray. It’s easy to quickly access, manage, and customize your computer.
6. Layered Drives
Redirect Drives to their appropriate system folder. You can also create new folders in the My Documents folder.
7. Desktop Wallpaper
Set your desktop wallpaper from the images in your Gallery and the My Computer Folder.
8. Customizable Dashboard
You can quickly navigate your system and manage files using a consolidated interface.
9. Backup Tools
You can protect your computer with a backup utility that will keep your data safe.
10. USB Tools
You can connect and manage a connected USB device from the Dashboard.
11. Disk Management Tools
You can manage the partitions and volumes on the hard drive.
12. Lock Screen Tool
You can lock the desktop by dragging your mouse to the bottom right.

Simply scan files and folders and save them to your hard drive, they will not be encrypted. Just insert any memory card/flash drive into your PC and turn it on, no matter it is the phone, the PDA, the MP3, the memory stick, the USB drive, etc. The Ollydrive system will automatically save these files and folders into the new Ollydrive 2.0 memory card and keep them safe.

The small chip is used to absorb wireless signals.The antenna, the big one, can be placed on the card or PC to pick up your network.Antenna signals are

HDDStatus Crack + Patch With Serial Key

HDDStatus is a freeware software product from HDDBased. The latest version that we have available for download is You can always check for available updates to the program below. For more information on the program and it’s features, see below.

What’s new in version of HDDStatus?

– translation: Many thanks to Petteri from Finland for this contribution.

The interface of HDDStatus in version is similar to it’s predecessor, version

What’s new in version of HDDStatus?

– translation: This is the first release, still a beta version. Many thanks to Petteri from Finland for this contribution.

Currently, HDDStatus is only available in English. The developers are preparing an in-house translation that should be released by the end of 2010.

License Change:

HDDStatus is free software, released under the GNU General Public License, version 2. HDDStatus comes with no extra-cost functionality, but the developers wish to make clear that they do take donations. The developers also recently changed the license of the application. An item was located on the website mentioning that the program now was licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2. See this for further details.

If you like the program, please consider making a donation. A donation is not required for a free or open-source program, but could help the developers further improve the software.

The developers thank you for your support.

HDDStatus Features:

– multi-monitor support: This version adds support for multiple monitors. Most of the features are the same in multi-monitor support as in the « Horizontal » option.

– translation: Many thanks to Petteri from Finland for this contribution.

* Many new features have been added since the last update.
* When HDDStatus is double-clicked, a wizard should appear allowing you to choose your desired drive configuration.
* Cover image manager has been added. You can now select a cover image and download/upload it to/from the drives.
* Editing of the cover image options and backgrounds is now possible in the Options window.
* Two new themes: Dark and Blue
* Three new skins: Dark, Blue and Blue-Black

HDDStatus Crack

HDDStatus is an application created by Dropla that adds a number of read and write actions to the Windows desktop.
The software reads the current status of the attached and connected hard drives, so you can use it on your Windows desktop to monitor the status of your hard drives and easily keep your system working well.
The tool can monitor a number of features on the hard drive, including the speed of data transferring, the capacity, or the actual used space of any disk volume. In addition, it can track the total number of file or folder creations and deleted on any storage device. Thus, you can keep track of your data safely and easily
The application can also read which files are being accessed or modified on disk and display the full address of file. So, you can view your hard drive quickly from anywhere.
HDDStatus is also equipped with monitoring space of any other removable disk volumes. This feature can also be useful if you wish to know how much space is left in your USB drives, mobile phones or other storage devices.
Furthermore, the tool can display information about read and written numbers to any storage device such as a removable or fixed hard drive.
Moreover, you can download and install HDDStatus Plug-ins that can help you get even more information about any hard drive or USB storage device.
It can also monitor the remaining space for any removable media, like USB flash drives and Floppy disks.
The application also includes detailed information about the running processes, so you can easily identify which applications are using hard drive or memory.
HDDStatus is really easy to use. You can easily set up the monitors on your hard drive, USB drives, USB thumb drives, CD/DVD disk, and so on.
You can access the data from any distance via internet or with a program running on your PC.
Dropla recommends customers to get the software running as soon as possible, so that you can keep your PC in a good condition.
Capacity Manager
Monitor Your HDD’s Storage Space
Supports Any Windows Version and Hard Drive
You Can Install It On Any Root of Drive From C to Z
You Can Install It On Any Removable Drive
You Can Install Any USB (FLOPPY or USB)
System Requirements

All colors shown in this description are approximate and intended for identifying purposes only. Since computer monitors and printers display and print in different colors, we cannot be responsible for variations between your computer and the color shown.High-

What’s New In HDDStatus?

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the more popular HDD Status, then maybe CDSpace is what you need. This tool would like to see your CD/DVD drives (and digital audio, for that matter) and presents you with a currently playing/disc status.

You can choose between various columns, such as Disc Name, Artist, Track, Year, Genre, and so on. It’s also possible to add or remove columns from the list by clicking on the blue up and down arrows. The display itself supports full opacity or transparency, and is compatible with Windows 10. It uses transparency for the volume, track, and row bars.

More importantly, CDSpace comes with a wide selection of images that can be used, with tons of possibilities in terms of gradient fills, text, and other visual effects. Even auto-positioning is supported. Of course, it’s also possible to add your own images for the track and row bars.
One of the most interesting features of the software, though, is the Quick Access Toolbar. It can be found at the top-right corner and contains a menu with a ton of actions. This includes some basic statistics, most often used to show you how many tracks you have or how many tracks are currently playing, and the program itself.
One of the very few snags I noticed is that CDSpace cannot handle the auto-hide feature for the main window. This is definitely a missed feature, and something that I’d love to see improved in a future update.
CDSpace Description:

For those who want to sort of “CDDB-ify” their hard drive, RCDBackup is the perfect tool. It allows you to extract information for all the discs in your system and even supports non-copy-protected files.

You can use the tool to extract game data, texts, and other files that are not protected with copy protection methods, such as DVD, Blu-ray, and a plethora of others. Even if you have more than four optical discs, each of them can be individually targeted.
The tool also has a built-in Game DB which is under development. There’s a plethora of information provided by the tool, such as covers for each disc and various information on each one. Note that the information that is displayed should not be trusted as everything is user-controlled.
Other features include the ability to add a password to the decryption

System Requirements For HDDStatus:

• PC: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
• OS: Windows 7 or higher
• Internet: Broadband connection (150 MBps) or higher
• Mouse: Mouse only
• Controller: Keyboard only
• Language: English
• Hard Drive: 1GB free space
• Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
• Graphics: Video card (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX or ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT)
• Memory: 1GB
• DirectX: Version