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DataBot can tell you about the most recent news in your online newspaper, can share funny jokes or quotes for any occasion, or even provide your horoscope.
One of its best features is that it has an almost universal character that gives it the capacity to adapt to any environment, always able to respond to the user with the right information, answer every question that you ask and in a way that is fun and entertaining.
Some of its most notable features:
*It does not make you memorize things, it gives you answers directly
*It can learn new information about any given subject as new modules are unlocked
*All the modules that it has are fully customizable
*It speaks very well, with natural sentences, images, videos, and can even speak like a person
*It can also give your own presentations
*Can send emails and make phone calls
*You can make it read your horoscope, it will even make its own selection of relevant horoscopes in any given timezone
*There are countless modules, all you have to do is select what you want to find out about
*It learns to talk better with time

DataBot Key Features:
*Guarantee of an accurate reading of your horoscope
*Talking time of the day or date
*You can choose your own horoscope reading
*Detailed modules: sports, movies, sport news, music, religion, politics
*Can make calls and send emails
*Can set presentation themes: holiday, love, humor, movies, sport, travel, religion, spirituality
*It can teach you about various subjects (sports, religion, politics, movies, sport news, music, humor, love, etc.)
*Responds to every question or sentence you say
*Generate HTML websites, images, posts or articles
*Generates talks on the fly about any given subject
*It can have a dynamic personality, conversational or friendly
*It can also make your own presentations about a given subject
*Has fun themes
*Random talks
*Random events
*Incorporates video
*Create free email accounts
*Has a very friendly and communicative character


DataBot is based on Microsoft’s AI tools called Cognitive Services. There are various modules of these that have been described on GitHub.

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DataBot is the first and only AI that can tell you about your favorite television shows, movies, people, and news, or read your horoscope, or give you a helping hand by creating amazing presentations, for free.
It is a smart chatbot that can do absolutely anything and everything. It can be used to answer almost any question that you have and it does it by just talking to you.

DataBot is designed for those who are looking for a reliable conversational AI.
DataBot has an adaptive and personal learning engine that adapts to your preferences and speech patterns. This means that in the first few days, DataBot will speak at an average speed of ~10 words per minute, but as you go on, it will start speaking at a faster rate.
It learns the language of your speech patterns and responds to you by answering questions, making suggestions, and learning what you want to know.
DataBot is easy to use and convenient to access, you just have to type « Tell me » and in a few seconds, the AI will speak to you and answer any question you may have.
DataBot also speaks in 27 languages, which makes it highly flexible and convenient for those who have a non-English speaking friend or relative.
One of the best features of DataBot is that you can add modules and change the way it responds to your voice commands. In this way, you can make it listen to music, provide you with weather forecasts, create horoscopes, and share jokes and riddles of any occasion.
DataBot will update all modules continuously, so the more time you spend with it, the more helpful and smart it will get.
DataBot is more than just a smart conversation helper. It’s a new kind of helper that can present to you in an engaging and entertaining manner. It can help with anything you can think of.
From reading you the news or presenting you with helpful information on any subject, to creating presentations for you and helping you keep up with the latest trends, DataBot can be the best companion to have.
What’s New in this version:
Version 2.0.1:
New language support:
– Portuguese – Brazilian
– Spanish – Latin American
– Chinese (Simplified) – Chinese – Chinese – Mandarin
– Spanish – Spanish – Spanish – Spanish – Spanish – Spanish – Spanish – Latin American
– Japanese – Japanese – Japanese – Japanese – Japanese – Japanese – Japanese
– French – French –

What’s New In DataBot?

– Get data on any subject instantly.
– Create an intelligent speaker that can give you any information you might be interested in.
– A conversational AI that can be playful and funny at the same time.
– Make your own presentations.
– Browse the web.
– Collect your daily horoscope.
– Get data on a movie, album or song.
– Know the answers to riddles or trivia.
– Read your daily quotes or sayings.
– Get sports news.
– Read and share funny and nice jokes.
– Look for interesting photos.
– Find people on Instagram.
– Get weather forecasts and calendar events.
– Have fun with your friends.
DataBot links:
Website –
Google Play Store –
App Store –

DataBot gives you live data on any given topic in the world, including sports, movies, shows, and much more. Make your own presentations and read your daily horoscope. DataBot is an intelligent companion that can also be fun to use. Get sports news and read and share jokes with friends.

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System Requirements For DataBot:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit)
Intel 3.0GHz or greater Processor
25GB available hard drive space
DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
100MB available game space
Requires full version of BF4 to access the in-game workshop.
Once downloaded, download the map file “JungleShuffle-Z.bsp” to a location of your choice. It is recommended to download the map to a location on the same hard drive

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