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Get your clipboard 100% on your hard drive.
Copy and Paste everything on your drive.
Developed by: CopyAndPaste

ClipJunkie is a program created to help alleviate the problem of Microsoft Office Word: you can’t paste.
If you often need to copy and paste data from Microsoft Office Word, you often run into a problem. It just fails on you: you can’t paste anything into the document.
ClipJunkie will solve this problem by pasting the data for you. You can choose between the last 10 words, last 10 lines and last 10 paragraphs.
How to use ClipJunkie:
Simply drag and drop the selected text to paste it.
Control over the content:
Replace: copy the words, lines or paragraphs you want to replace with another copy.
Add: copy the words, lines or paragraphs you want to append to the current selection.
Cut: cut the current selection without any extra content.
Delete: delete the current selection.
Please note that you can only paste content into the active document.
After adding content to ClipJunkie, you’ll be prompted to save a backup copy of the previous content. Please backup your data regularly.
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EZLink to Zip is a utility for creating Zip files and EZ links from selected files and folders. All supported file types are included (ZIP and 7Z, RAR, PE, ISO, CAB, BZIP2 and TAR).
The software is especially easy to use for both users in Windows and Mac and for nerds (who like doing things by hand).
EZLink to Zip is a universal utility for creating Zip files and EZ links from selected files and folders.
Support for files, folders and ZIP archives (RAR, PE, ISO, CAB, BZIP2 and TAR).
Support for ZIP, 7Z, RAR, CAB, BZIP2 and TAR archives.
View or compress extracted data.
Create, extract and delete Zip and EZ links of selected files and folders.
View the file list for the destination of the Zip and EZ links.
EZLinks are easy and convenient for the users of Windows and Mac. Users just select the files to be zip and EZ linked.
Zip and EZ links of selected files and folders are

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CopyAndPaste Free [2022]

CopyAndPaste is a free utility which allows the user to copy and paste information from anywhere within the program. Only text is supported, and clipboard items to be pasted need to be selected.
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The ultimate clipboard manager is Clip Explorer, which brings everything you need for your clipboard in a single window.
While not being a free app, its trial version offers the same functionalities as the commercial one, letting you get started without any problems.
Once installed, you get an easy to use interface. It’s simple to navigate, and content is always easily accessible.
You can also configure the window for what you find the most useful. Also, you get robust export features, which allow you to save copied items to your clipboard in different formats, such as TXT or HTML.
Clip Explorer Description:

Clip Explorer is an easy to use clipboard manager with powerful features. Clipboard contents can be exported to file in a variety of formats such as HTML, TXT, Html and RTF.
Clip Explorer can work standalone or connect to your MS Windows network and synchronized to any computers….

A clipboard viewer and file organizer, for Windows. It provides a single application window for all your clipboard content and allows you to organize all your clipboards into subfolders. When copied to clip board, items are organized in a tree view.
You can access clip board content, which have been copied before or afterwards by pressing the Ctrl+V keys on your keyboard.
Other features include the ability to edit all the text, add links, images and clipboard data.
Clipboard Organizer Description:

Clipboard Organizer is a multi-tool application designed to work with files and clipboard information.
Clipboard Organizer has the following key features:
File Explorer for open, find and explore files and folders
Viewer for viewing and editing content
Clipboard Organizer Features:
Great support of all formats such as PDF, DOC, XML, JPG,…

The all new and fully featured Simplenote for Windows is a powerful and simple notepad tool that allows you to take notes, add, edit, search and upload your text for whenever you need them.
You can simply create new notes, edit existing ones and add new notes from the network locations. You can use the all new Notepad with styles, color themes, etc.
Simplenote Features

What’s New in the?

Having fun sharing files on personal computers doesn’t come without some challenges, which CopyAndPaste solves. The program enables the user to save text from the clipboard anywhere on the computer, by saving it in the file system and then opening it later. The text is quickly appended to the active document.
You can find this enhancement as a standalone utility or as a part of Microsoft Office.

One of the most common tasks you’d get stuck with is storing a text string in a specific folder on your hard drive. Like the famous WinRAR, CopyFileClipboard is not something you might encounter by default, but it does offer more than one tutorial when you open it for the first time. As with all tools, you need to follow instructions slowly, so don’t expect any complicated steps.
What’s most interesting about this application is the fact that you might save a huge amount of work. The situation is that you want to store a complete document with formatting, not just plain text with no formatting. It’s a delicate detail, but CopyFileClipboard allows you to save any kind of file in any OS version.
The features offered by CopyFileClipboard are very light-weight, since they only keep the clipboard content into memory. When the desired content is freed, the list is discarded. You won’t get information about your clipboard change either, since that’s nothing more than a simple content change, not all operations.

If you’re already using an HTML editor on your Windows desktop, then you probably know the drawbacks of the multiple document interface. It’s a common issue, especially when you want to edit multiple documents at once, but you don’t want to open the same program for each one. You’ll need to tell the editor which file you want to open on the particular screen, and you have to manually rearrange the order. Unless you want a little routine, that’s a pain in the behind.
TextPadFromTemplate is an enhancement which lets you open a template file in multiple documents at once. You can always open the same document in a new window, while simultaneously editing all of them. On top of that, the user interface is almost as simple as you’d expect when working with templates.
One of the biggest improvements is that you’re not limited to documents in specific formats. You can save it as HTML,

System Requirements For CopyAndPaste:

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Supported Video Cards:
Radeon 5650
Radeon R5 230
Radeon R5 230X
Radeon R5 260
Radeon R5 260X
Radeon R5 270
Radeon R5 270X
Radeon R5 280
Radeon R5 290
Radeon R5 290X
Radeon R5 300
Radeon R5 300X
Radeon R7 250