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3. ​AgreeJet Shine Technology

The application is suitable for all enterprise work including image, content and online. It helps you analyse and compare various files to extract meaningful and meaningful data. The added « live compare feature » has added agility to the tool.
Compare Suite Standard is a comprehensive tool that can help you analyse and compare various files to extract meaningful and meaningful data.
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4.   AppXoft File Compare

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5. ​EZ Comparer Software 2.0

This is a particularly helpful tool for data analysis and comparison purposes. It is well maintained and updated regularly with new features and improvements. It has a lot of options to analyse and compare various files. You can compare, search and delete duplicates and images from a bunch of files.
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6. ​**MUTIL Compare 2.9.1

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7. Compare Suite Standard 6.3

Compare Suite Standard is a powerful tool that can compare and compare files from several folders. It allows you to set different criteria to compare. Here, you can choose to compare files based on their keyword and text. You can also choose to compare files based on the content or size. Also, it is designed to compare two folders and files simultaneously.
Compare Suite Standard 6.3 Review

8. Compare Suite Standard 3.0.1

Compare Suite Standard is a fully-featured tool to compare a directory with regular files and/or sub-directories. It allows you to compare files and folders of different files with option to specify exact file name, extension, size and location to be compared.
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9. Compare Suite Standard 3.8

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10. Compare Suite Standard Pro 2.1.1

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11. Compare Suite Standard 6.2

Compare Suite Standard is a powerful application that allows you to compare two files or folders. It allows you to compare two folders and files simultaneously as well as enables you to set different criteria to compare based on string, size, date, time, keywords, content and text. In addition, it provides you with graphic representation of the comparison report. It also has

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• A powerful comparison program.
• Have a look at the result with a list of highlighted differences.
• Ability to compare binary files, such as PDF, MHTML or images.
• Ability to compare two folders.
• Customise comparison colors and fonts.
• Customise the ‘touch points’, which are the points where a file is different from another one.
• Comprehensive user documentation.
• Fast performance.
• Running on both Windows and Linux.
• Save and load comparisons locally or remotely.
• Help included.
• Start the comparison by choosing from several filters, such as text file, image file, Word file, etc.
• Compares between two folders and/or two different files.
• Only compares items with differences.
• Shows differences between files or folders.
• Ability to compare files or folders that have the same name.
• Ability to compare items based on: text, file type, text index of the file, creation/modification time of the files or folders.
• Compares binary files: PDF, MHTML, images, etc.
• Compares files and folders.
• Compare with a local or a remote server.
• Exports the comparison to HTML and PDF format.
• Fully graphical interface.
• Save reports in PDF format.
• Compare Windows Versions of files.
• Choose from different filters to easily see only the files that have differences.
• A detailed ‘tips’ window that explains the results of the comparison.
• Run comparisons in a non-blocking way.
• Run as a service.
• Compares two folders, at the same time comparing different files within each folder.
• Ability to compare with a certain line, word or fragment of the file.
• Threshold for colour differences in pixel level.
• Change colours, font and font size for the text comparison.
• ‘Flash Mode’ for the comparison of files with differences.
• Differences can be highlighted by using the mouse or by pressing the space bar.
• Ability to personalise the comparison, by choosing which file type to compare, as well as which files to compare.
• Sort by name, creation date, modification date, file size or by the last edit date of the file.
• Compares two folders, sorting by the name of the files.
• Start the comparison and then stop it with a click on the ‘Stop�

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* Searches for all files or folders with some properties (date, size, encryption or type)
* Searches for files that are exactly the same as some other files
* Searches for files that are different to some files
* Set a content of the report to be saved for future use
* Set a content of the report to be saved for future use
* View a report of the last comparison in a tab
Compare Suite Standard does not require additional software to be installed. The program is simple and quick to use. It has a professional and reliable interface.
* The main window will be shown at the top of the screen
* Usage of 10 seconds for comparing a folder or a single file
* The program will have a status window which displays the following messages :
– Comparing the files with a « description ». The content of the report for this comparison will be displayed at the end
– The encryption status (if any)
– A list of current users (the list will be dynamically updated if a new user logs on to the computer while Compare Suite Standard is running)
– Windows live update for getting new releases or security patches. It will be activated only if Compare Suite Standard is running
– User preferences and options
– A link to a list of all the running tasks.
* The beginning and the end of the comparison will be indicated with an arrow
* A report of the last comparison will be saved in the default location
* The program will show the status of the search function even if the source files are closed (mouse is over them)
* Very small memory consumption
* Use the mouse to select files (double click opens these files)
* Compare files or folders
* Fine and coarse comparison
* Order and colorization of the comparison results
* In the file comparison the rows that are not similar will be in a different color (yellow)
* In the folder comparison, the folders that are not similar will be in a different color (blue)
* The following buttons will be available for the users’ needs :
* Add your own description of the files and folders
* Add any file or folder you like as a file/folder to compare
* Set the treshold of the color difference between the files or folder : any file having any color difference (for the original and the compared file) to the treshold value will be treated as different
* Treshold for encryption differences
* Treshold for size difference
* Treshold for date difference

What’s New in the Compare Suite Standard?

Compare Suite Standard for DOS/Windows.
Features: – Simple interface. User friendly.
– Test and display results.
– Multiple workspaces.
– Detailed results list.
– Highlight differences.
– Change the comparison threshold.
– Use one, two or multiple keywords to find common text in files.
– Use one, two or multiple keywords to find common folders.
– Easily compare text files, images, folder hierarchies.
– Use multiple graphic comparison charts.
– Show file metadata.
– Change the device and file type for the comparison.
– Analyse the difference of files.
– Remark differences and reset them.
– Create easy to use reports.
– Handy database to keep track of your results.
– Ability to save previous comparisons.
– Has a Detailed and a Fast comparison.
– Ability to display differences found.
– Contains: The standard edition of Compare Suite for DOS/Windows.
– One year support and free updates.

Comparison based on characters
Find common words, lines or fragments within files
Size comparison of files
Compare file extension
Compare file name
Compare folder tree.
See difference for each line of different files
Color comparison
Icon comparison
Text Comparison
Difference: Shows the difference between two files
Statistics: Shows the total number of files found by the program.
Compare with the help of keywords
Compare with the help of folders
Compare with multiple files, with multiple keywords and one folder
Display differences in the form of a list
Display differences according to the color of text
Create a list of differences.
Compare by the number of characters of a line
Compare by the number of characters of a word
Search results for keywords.
Search results for folders.
Save the list of results for future use
Customize the list of results.
Compare by names
Compare by extension
Comparing Image
Analysing differences
Compare with specified file types
Compare folders
Analyse files size
Compare by file size
Compare by file date

Comparison is possible for:
Text files
Word documents
Acrobat files
Power point files
MHTML files

Comparison is not possible for:

Email messages
Compressed files

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System Requirements:

Hard Drive: A 4.2GB Hard Drive is recommended for optimum performance.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM is recommended.
Video Card: A Graphics card is not required to run the game. However, a good one is recommended.
DirectX: Version 11
Audio: Windows 7 and higher are required.
Windows: 8 or higher
Processor: Any Processor that meets the minimum requirements is acceptable.
Additional Notes:
In order to use Steam, you need to be running Steam