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Highly scalable, cloud-based, business applications built using a CQRS architecture (Command Query Responsibility Segregation).
Scheduler backed by RabbitMQ in order to provide for robustness and scale.
Automatically detects failures on distributed systems.
Provides us with the tools for a friendly scaling experience.

Bifrost is designed to work with the following stack:

Spring Boot

The following resources were made for the sake of demo and learning purpose.

Bifrost Demo Application (link to repo).

Bifrost GitHub – Main Repo.

Bifrost GitHub – Tests Repo.

Bifrost GitHub – Properties File.

Questions & Answers:

Is Bifrost compatible with Spring Cloud Data Flow (via Jaxb)?
Yes, Spring Cloud Data Flow is built on top of Spring Cloud Stream.
Can we define specific failure recovery strategies for a query service in Bifrost?
Yes, we have an Eremitra strategy in the GitHub repository that is able to recover from a failure.
Does it make sense to have an active/passive subscriber when using RabbitMQ?
Yes, you can have an active/passive subscriber, but there is nothing special about it. You can have a passive subscriber if you want to be able to recover automatically from failures.
Is it possible to run Bifrost inside a docker container?
Yes, it’s possible.


The architecture looks quite neat and flexible, and I am curious how you will tackle the distributed nature of it.
As for availability and high-scale, I have a few questions:

Will you use the built-in autoscaling (as defined by CloudFoundry)?
How will you deal with failures on the different services? Will you just say the servers are highly unreliable?

Also, I would like to know how you cope with the scheduling and storage of events on a distributed system. I think you have a backlog of things to do, and if I had to do it, I would use Redis as the basic event store, and give RabbitMQ the job of basically serializing the queues and publishing the events.


« load data » command in oracle fails

I have a problem. I’ve exported my table to CSV and want to import it to Oracle with sql command load data infile… But it fails

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Bifrost Crack’s are based on 4 cornerstones :

Durable State pattern (where a business class, aggregates the various data required to perform a business operation).
Commands and Events (that are handled by an event service)
Abstraction (where our Bifrost classes are based on the business object pattern)
Coders (where we hide the fiddling that often goes into the same project)

The above can be generalized to the following :

Bifrost takes the concept of Command and Event as used in the ESB and lets you abstract your business logic out and bring it back as an independent set of classes (where you can use and change the implementation as you like).
The above services are backed by a persistant store.
Where you can take care of

Durable State (the bits that are related to a particular operation, only the bits that are to be modified or added are persisted.
Unidirectional Commands and Events.

This means that a command always emits an event and an event always emits a command. This is not the usual way of doing things where Commands are processed/handled by the event service and Events are processed by the command service. Instead we use our business objects as the aggregates that can be manipulated directly.
The purpose of an aggregate is that it can encapsulate a business operation.
Example of command handler:
class CommandHandler : ICommandHandler
private readonly IEventService _eventService;

public CommandHandler(IEventService eventService)
_eventService = eventService;

public void Handle(string command)
IStateExecutionService stateExecutionService = _eventService.StateExecutionService;

IStateBinding binding = stateExecutionService.GetStateBinding(command);

if (binding.HasChanged)

IStateExecution execution = _eventService.StateExecutionService.GetStateExecution(binding.StateId);

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Bifrost is an open source, full-stack framework which gives you easy and robust CQRS architecture for building applications.
Bifrost is a mixture of model,view,controller and abstraction layers and provide you the main concepts of service,command,messenger and domain specific language.

What is CQRS?
CQRS, short for Command Query Responsibility Segregation, is a Software Design pattern used to separate the functions of the system that handle commands from the functions that handle queries. It was first introduced in the 1990s by Greg Goode.

Bifrost CQRS
Bifrost supports only command model hence you will get the benefits of all CQRS solutions built on top of it. Bifrost has command model built in. Give Bifrost a try and see what’s really capable of!

The concept
The Bifrost application, as with all applications, can be divided into three layers.

Presentation: The user interface layer. Responsible for displaying the information to the user. This layer is responsible for making the view look nice and appealing to the users. It uses HTML, CSS and Javascript to get its job done.

Application: An abstraction layer between the framework and the user interface layer. Responsible for converting the user interface layer into a domain specific language, which can be read and processed by the business logic layer.

Business Logic: Business logic, which may be the CQRS core of the application, that reads the requests and writes the responses.

Bifrost Usage
Bifrost provides you three ways of accessing the framework;

Dependency Injection

It is very easy to add Bifrost into your current project. Just register the Bifrost dependency and you’re done. Dependency injection provides a well working system and gives you the flexibility to work with the framework in the future. In Bifrost we implement Dependency Injection through the use of a particular convention in the `Bifrost.d.ts` file which is provided to you.

Module Initializer

The module initializer is a set of method calls on the module that is responsible for bootstrapping the application. With the help of this initializer, you can start writing your business logic and your views without having to worry about dependency injections.

Command Handler

There are two main ways to access the handler;

Command handling

We have implemented command handling inside

What’s New In?

Bifrost is a fully featured CQRS and DDD framework designed to make it easier to design, develop, and operate extremely scalable applications.
It provides standard building blocks allowing you to scale efficiently and easily up and down, while ensuring no two systems are duplicated.

Maven pom file:



Bifrost is a full featured CQRS and DDD framework for building extremely scalable business applications.






System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
CPU: 1.8 GHz Dual Core
HDD: 32 MB
Hard Disk Space: 32 MB
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