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AutoCAD Crack For Windows is a licensed product of Autodesk. There are several different types of licenses available, which determine the scope of access you have to the product. See Licensing for more information.

Autodesk® AutoCAD Crack Mac® and AutoCAD LT® are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. Other registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Autodesk reserves the right to use them as the needs of the case require.

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The site contains information to help you navigate Autodesk’s products and services. It’s the starting point for your AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT learning experience.

General Information

General Information

Autodesk is a global leader in the digital design software ecosystem. For the people who imagine, create, and animate. For the brand that brings people together through design. For the places where ideas come to life. And the media that spreads creativity to every corner of the world.

For more information, please visit

The site contains information to help you navigate Autodesk’s products and services. It’s the starting point for your AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT learning experience.

AutoCAD Learning

AutoCAD Learning

AutoCAD is a powerful and versatile tool for professional and hobbyists alike. Whether you are planning a new construction project, designing a new product, or creating beautiful renders, AutoCAD makes it easy to accomplish your goals.

Autodesk’s Authorized Learning Partner (ALP) network is one of the largest learning networks in the world. The network consists of a number of regional and national training providers that offer a variety of courses for AutoCAD. By combining your existing AutoCAD skills with our training, we help you learn the latest AutoCAD updates and technology, enhance your skills, and achieve your professional and personal goals.

Visit to learn more about the comprehensive AutoCAD training and certification programs available through our network.

Visit to learn more about the comprehensive AutoCAD training and certification programs available through our network.

AutoCAD LT Learning

AutoCAD LT is a productivity tool for architects, engineers, drafters,

AutoCAD 24.1 Free For Windows


Since AutoCAD LT does not allow 3D drawing, the only way to create 3D drawings is to generate a 3D PDF. Therefore, AutoCAD LT only supports DWG and DGN files. 3D (DXF) file support is coming in future AutoCAD LT versions.

Other features

Over 300+ external AutoCAD plugins
3D drawing capabilities
AutoCAD Setup utility to configure various preferences
Standalone AutoCAD application (installed in the user’s profile folder) can be used without AutoCAD Suite


AutoCAD’s API allows users to customize AutoCAD by writing their own extensions or customizing AutoCAD through third-party applications such as Visual LISP, AutoLISP, VBA,.NET and ObjectARX. This is accomplished by:
programming scripts for AutoCAD’s API
running AutoCAD by starting a process on a remote computer
using AutoCAD’s API with Visual LISP
using AutoCAD’s API with Visual LISP
using AutoCAD’s API with AutoLISP
using AutoCAD’s API with VBA
using AutoCAD’s API with.NET
using AutoCAD’s API with ObjectARX
programming custom Windows Forms
programming custom AutoCAD files

Interoperability with other CAD programs

AutoCAD can import and export a number of file formats, such as DXF, DWG, DGN, DWG, PDF, AI, EPS and EDS. DWG files can be directly imported and exported from AutoCAD, and DWG files can also be opened in other CAD packages.

See also

List of AutoCAD extensions
List of AutoCAD-compatible CAD software
Comparison of CAD editors for architecture, engineering, and construction
List of vector graphics editors


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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Preview what your design will look like printed, export to PDF and more. Choose to view the drawing as a designer would, or as a technical user would, to get the most out of the drawing. In addition, use annotating and commenting tools to tell your colleagues exactly what you mean.

VIA Technologies, provider of the AutoCAD graphics workstation and NX software, today announced the availability of AutoCAD 2023, a new version of its award-winning cross-platform vector drafting program. This release includes new features and functional enhancements, and brings AutoCAD even closer to the world of the designer with a set of tools to share and collaborate on new features.

AutoCAD 2023 also builds on VIA Technologies’s deep technical expertise, adding new features to AutoCAD’s very successful Drafting Engine and Graphics Engine. The result is a powerful, cross-platform tool that provides designers, architects, engineers, and other professionals with the speed and performance to achieve their designs faster and with fewer errors than ever before.

Incorporating AutoCAD’s world-class graphic capabilities, AutoCAD 2023 supports both existing CAD and graphics file formats and now also supports the Import Drawings Wizard, allowing users to import up to 16 files in one step. Users can also import files in native AutoCAD drawing formats, including DXF, DWG, IGES, JTXT, PDF and SVG.

These are just some of the AutoCAD 2023 enhancements:

Design is faster: The new Windows-based application takes full advantage of graphics and processing technologies, providing exceptional performance in both drawing and rendering.

Highly responsive AutoCAD runs at the same speed on a Windows 10 laptop as on high-end graphics workstations, which, in turn, offer up to 2X faster performance than AutoCAD 2017. Windows 10, which includes the Windows Subsystem for Linux, is an exciting new feature that provides users with the ability to run an entire Linux environment in a Windows 10 window. This results in a host of powerful, but also user-friendly, tools, including CAD.

AutoCAD’s new Import Drawings Wizard guides users through the initial steps to quickly import a large number of files and files with the same or similar formats as other AutoCAD files. With this feature, users can quickly import their existing files and then import additional files.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Game Version: 1.03
Save Slot: 4
Dual Shock 3 or later
Broadband Internet Connection
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