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The main target of AutoCAD is to be used in engineering, construction and architecture, the fields where it is most often used. Other fields in which AutoCAD is frequently used are entertainment, mechanical design and manufacturing. AutoCAD lets users create and manage a wide range of 2D and 3D drawings, sections, and blocks, produce technical and technical drawings, and convert 2D to 3D. AutoCAD is an often-used tool for architects, drafters, engineers and technicians, to design and prepare drawings, models, and various other documents. It is also used in the fields of education, as a teaching tool, and in interactive drawing.

AutoCAD is a vital tool in any workplace, as well as being a computer-based alternative to traditional pencil, pen and paper. In addition, with the inclusion of AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD users can start their creative process using desktop publishing tools, which means that AutoCAD has the potential to provide a more intuitive and easy-to-use method for design and drafting.

AutoCAD is used for technical and architectural drawing, 2D drafting and architectural design, 3D modeling, mechanical engineering, electrical, mechanical, civil and structural design, architectural drafting, and information visualization. It can also be used in the fields of education, project management, interactive design, and industrial design.

Other applications of AutoCAD include software for architecture and modeling, drafting, and 2D and 3D mapping. AutoCAD is used in the fields of architecture and civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and construction and facilities management. AutoCAD is also a primary product of Autodesk, Inc. Its sister application, AutoCAD LT, was introduced in 2002.

One of the main additions in AutoCAD 2014 is the ability to import and export PDF documents.

AutoCAD is included in software bundles that can also include AutoCAD LT, an updated version of AutoCAD that is significantly smaller and easier to use than its older counterpart. There are also standalone versions of AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2013, for example, can be obtained without the cost of a complementary subscription to AutoCAD LT.

The current version is AutoCAD 2014.

Despite the fact that some users may find that AutoCAD is not as straightforward as the other programs listed here, it is still the most used and popular desktop CAD tool.


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Component services
The components of AutoCAD are organized into five component categories: modeling, dimensioning, drafting, publishing, and drawing. Each component is a separate application. Each component has its own user interface and commands. However, components may be run in a view at the same time, simultaneously, or sequentially. The AutoCAD components have a number of applications within them. For example, the TopoGPS component allows the user to make and import layers from the Terrain 3D aerial images, adding an additional dimension to the drawing that can be viewed and edited.


Category is a function of AutoCAD. There are 5 categories, « Modeling », « Dimensioning », « Drafting », « Publishing » and « Drawing ».

AutoCAD has various categories which include:
Drafting (Sketch, CAD Drawing, Mechanical drawing, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Architectural, Structural, Painting, VBA, and others)
Dimensioning (Dimensions, Measurements, Drafting, Drawing, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Painting, Architectural, Structural, Surveying, 3D, etc.)
Modeling (Topology, Land surveying, Surfaces, Geometry, Landscape, Land Boundary, Physics, Graphics, Simulation, Animation, Architectural, Historical, etc.)
Publishing (Subscription, Certification, Registration, etc.)
Drawing (Plot, Planning, and Viewing)

Component services
Component Services is a function of AutoCAD. This function allows you to customize the core functions and its applications of AutoCAD. Autodesk Exchange Apps is where third-party developers can create their own AutoCAD-based applications.

Components Services allow you to customize the functionality of the applications that come with AutoCAD. The Components Services are separated into five component categories:
Component Services Dimensioning (Conversion, Dimensions, Drafting, etc.)
Component Services Modeling (Geometry, Topology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and others)
Component Services Publishing (Subscription, Certification, Registration, etc.)
Component Services Drawing (Plotting, Planning, and Viewing)
Component Services User Interface (UI)

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Category:2013 software
Category:Video game modsAdobe® Photoshop® CC 2018 Portable is an easy and powerful way to make professional-quality images and graphics for your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. It’s designed to work seamlessly with all your photos, videos, and graphics files so you can create extraordinary images, graphics, videos, and websites.

Why use Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s leading graphics, photo editing, and design program, and it’s free to use. It provides users with the most comprehensive suite of creative tools anywhere. With its unsurpassed image editing capabilities, users can create professional-quality graphics and bring out the best in their photos.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable is the easiest way to work with Photoshop on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. With a full-featured Photoshop, you can make your web graphics, images, and videos look great. Use powerful image-editing tools to make the most of your photos and adjust colors, lighting, shadows, brightness, contrast, and more.

1. Import or open a document, photo, or other file. 2. Use the tools and workspace to make adjustments to your files.

Take advantage of advanced features in Adobe Photoshop.

Make smart changes with Adjustments, the toolbox that has it all. You can change the brightness of your images, change shadows and light, and more.

3. Use tools to clean up and enhance your photos.

Paintbrushes allow you to select and edit individual pixels. You can adjust the size of brush strokes and colors for text, selections, and paths.

Adjust the size and brightness of the image.

What’s New In?

AutoCAD now allows you to import and use BIM-specific markup from other industry-standard formats. Add BIM-specific annotations, text styles, and dimensions to your design with the help of Markup Assist. (video: 1:00 min.)

Find and visualize topological defects in your geometry, right in the drawing. Automatically create topological defects and identify potential causes of problems that can lead to defective products and applications. (video: 5:36 min.)

Dynamic Entity Manager:

Change the way you handle entities in your drawing, including the properties of entities in your active drawing. Create and manage all entities with one consistent set of commands. (video: 1:38 min.)


2020 Quick Tips

With so much new functionality in AutoCAD 2023, it’s easy to overlook some of the newer features that are just as useful as those we’ve come to love. While the introduction of native BIM support and a new dynamic Entity Manager are likely to be the most popular new features of AutoCAD 2023, there are still some useful features in this release that we want to highlight. These Quick Tips are designed to help you make the most of these new tools and features.

Mobile Apps:

AutoCAD LT 2020 (available for Windows Mobile, Apple iOS and Android) and AutoCAD 2023 have built-in mobile apps for a more intuitive, intuitive experience on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The mobile app is an extension of AutoCAD, and allows you to open the program, work with your drawings and other files, and communicate with your team and other users. (instructions: 1:50 min.)

This mobile app was also announced in the April 2020 issue of Cadalyst magazine.

BIM and CAD-Aware Design:

Add BIM-specific markup to your designs and use it for more intelligent, immersive and collaborative work.

Automatically activate these new options when you add a new drawing or open an existing one:

Create a cloud-based BIM file (using BIM 360 compatibility for users with BIM 360)

Import BIM-specific markup

Create a BIM cloud with the BIM 360 Compatibility Add-In for AutoCAD

Using the BIM Cloud:

Share your BIM model, directly from the desktop or your mobile device, with other BIM-aware users in

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– Windows 7 64-bit (Mac users are recommended to use OSX)
– 4 GB of RAM (2 GB for testing and the game will be crashing on low-end machines)
– Minimum of 512 MB VRAM (1024 MB recommended)
– Video card with 1280×720 (or higher) display
– DirectX 11 and AMD Stream Technology Enabled 3.0
– NVIDIA PhysX Enhanced 3.2 driver
To install Direct3D 11 you will need to either install the 64-bit or non