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The release of AutoCAD 2000 in June 1999 marked a major milestone in the history of CAD software. It allowed CAD users to create two-dimensional (2D) drawings, 3D models, and technical documentation from a single application. AutoCAD became the first popular and widely used CAD application since the 1980s.


AutoCAD is used to create, modify, and annotate 2D drawings, 3D models, and technical documentation. Its features include:

Tables for import of data from popular CAD applications such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor

System for interconnecting with other applications, such as Microsoft Excel and other database programs

Characterization (or « Tag ») table feature for specifying properties for drawing elements (such as tables, lines, and arcs), with an option to link the properties to the table

A drawing can contain several linked drawing files

Approximate dimensioning

Automatic generation of a key for the drawing, based on the selected template

Position tolerance, linear tolerance, and datum


Closed polyline paths

Arc with three center points or angles

Ellipse with center point and axis


Multi-line (polyline) path with standard or curved line

Round corner and oval corner

3D modeling features

Drawing in 3D

Modeling software includes basic 3D elements such as planes, cylinders, cones, and rectangular solid objects. Users can also create their own 3D models, add comments, and edit the model’s dimensions and coordinates.

Approximate dimensioning

In addition, AutoCAD includes approximate dimensioning, a feature that allows users to specify the range and type of quantities they want to display on the drawing. For example, a car is often measured in inches (in) for an engine block. So users can measure an engine block in this range, and then fill in the length, width, and depth of the engine block. AutoCAD uses the specified length, width, and depth in the Dimensioning and Annotation area.

Users can specify the distance or length of objects in order to measure the size of a component of a mechanical system. They can specify the angle for a bolt to set the diameter.

There are two basic types of approximate dimensioning:

Measure A allows users to specify length and width. There is also an

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Windows and Mac OS X
Autodesk’s approach with AutoCAD has always been the development of a product line which focuses on functionality:
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Construction
AutoCAD Electrical Power
AutoCAD Infrastructure
AutoCAD Landscape
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Plant
AutoCAD Plant 3D
AutoCAD Product Development
AutoCAD Structural
AutoCAD Structural 3D
AutoCAD Software
AutoCAD Tutorials
AutoCAD Training and Certification
AutoCAD WebDirect
Autodesk Exchange Apps
AutoCAD Exchange Plugin
AutoCAD Exchange for Android
AutoCAD Exchange for iOS
Autodesk 360
Product Development360
Landscape360 for Android
Landscape360 for iOS
Architecture360 for Android
Architecture360 for iOS
Plant360 for Android
Plant360 for iOS
Design360 for Android
Design360 for iOS
Structure360 for Android
Structure360 for iOS
Construction360 for Android
Construction360 for iOS
Infrastructure360 for Android
Infrastructure360 for iOS
Landscape360 for Android
Landscape360 for iOS
Engineering360 for Android
Engineering360 for iOS
Mechanical360 for Android
Mechanical360 for iOS
Plant360 for Android
Plant360 for iOS

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Installing the APK file
To install the APK file on a PC or a tablet, you can use many file managers, such as FileZilla, and then install the file.

To install the APK file on a smart phone, you can use a file manager such as Smart App Launcher or File Manager. Then you can install the app from the app manager.


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What’s New in the?

Quickly and effortlessly change text size in drawings with our TextSize dialogue box.

New text and line styles with graduated fill colors or text effects.

Dynamic font preview with our raster-to-vector conversion support.

Easily create new text styles, text animations, and patterns for dynamic text.

Shape and Text animations for dynamically animated shapes and text.

Customize your drawing area with our new flyout custom tool bar.


Interactively edit complex drawings with a variety of new parameters in the ribbon, command, and tool bar, like the Dimension/Convert tools and markup tools.

Precision-guided floating-point annotation tools.

High-quality two-way clipboard support.

Snap to corner or edge of objects when working with layers.

The Markup Assist system can import designs with colored annotation and also make it possible to include imported illustrations on top of your drawings.

Axis-aligned dimensions, aligned with the drawing axes, are now a default dimension style. The default dimension style is now always aligned and always has a scale at zero.

Improved clip, overlap, and Union commands.

New advanced object tracking and help.

User-defined hot keys.

Keyboard accelerators (optional) for keyboard shortcuts.

Option key:

Show or hide the pencil snap tool.

Show or hide the markers tool.

Show or hide the drop-down menu commands (Ribbon, Command Bar, and Tool Bar).

Show or hide the dimension popup menus.


Create templates and publish them to create customized toolbars.

Add/Remove menu items in menus.

Maximize/minimize windows and panels.

The new design system, powered by Adobe Photoshop, features multiple font colors, crisp, clean type, and easy-to-use text tools, including text frames, character dialogs, and rich-text formatting tools.

The new raster-to-vector tool enables you to quickly change the path type from vector to raster.

Improved precision in various editing tasks.

Create and edit expressions and equations, including adding tables, equations, and trigonometric functions.

Improved precision when you want to control the placement of objects and items.

Line and polyline tracing supports a greater number of line types, including spline

System Requirements:

To install the Editor:
You need to have installed the Steam Client (beta or final)
You need to have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
You need the Desktop edition of the editor (not the Standalone version)
You can install the beta Steam Client on Windows XP.
The editor does not currently run on Windows Vista or Windows 8
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The Editor is compatible with 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit processor
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