Atomic Alarm Clock is a professional clock and time management program that replaces the Windows clock altogether and helps you set up alarms with sound notifications and custom messages, view the time for multiple locations, and change its appearance with the aid of various skins.
Unobtrusive running mode
The program is able to replace your default Windows clock with a brand-new one. Right clicking on the clock enables you to configure several settings.
Setting up alarms
Atomic Alarm Clock gives you the possibility to set up multiple alarms and sort them by All alarms, Only active or inactive.
You can define a new one by selecting the date and time, tweaking recurrence parameters (e.g. once, hourly, daily, annually), showing a custom message, and playing a user-defined sound (MP3, WMA, or WAV file format) with custom volume settings.
What’s more, you can make the application open a custom program or document (e.g. EXE, MP3, M3U, AVI) with certain parameters, shut down or restart the computer, activate the standby or hibernate mode, log on as a different user, or turn off the monitor.
The program lets you wake the computer if it enters into the standby or hibernate mode and save alarm settings to INI file format.
Working with the calendar, time zones and atomic clock servers
Atomic Alarm Clock features a small and transparent calendar that comes with support for various preset skins. You can view the time displayed in different time zones and synchronize the system time with atomic clock servers.
Clock customization options
The utility gives you the possibility to play hourly chimes, run the clock at Windows startup, apply random skins when clicking on the clock, as well as choose between several skins. Additionally, you can make the program reveal several handy features, such as date, seconds, system uptime and memory usage data.
An overall powerful and customizable clock
Taken into account the multitude of handy features (alarm clock, multiple skins, atomic-time synchronizer, hourly chimes, calendar, different time zones, and sound notifications) Atomic Alarm Clock is definitely an excellent replacement for the default Windows clock.









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* Atomic Alarm Clock Download With Full Crack is an ultimate replacement for the Windows default clock. Simply right click on the clock to configure sounds and alarms, view the time for various locations, set recurrence options, log off, log on, or switch to standby/hibernation mode.
* Atomic Clock provides a customizable clock and calendar, with the help of hundreds of skins.
* Support for multiple time zones in the calendar.
* A small and transparent clock that can be set to show hour, minute or second time.
* Use music, sound effects, and even an endless sequence of chimes to wake up your PC.
* The clock can be synchronized with atomic-time servers that will help save you a lot of time for those who work in certain industries.
* Set recurrence options, such as « once per day, » « every hour, » « once every week, » « every 2 weeks, » « every 4 weeks, » etc.
* Log off, log on or switch to standby/hibernation mode when the clock is closed.
* Choose a random skin on right click on the clock.
* Select the skin to be applied to the clock when clicking on the clock.
* Use a built-in calendar (with the help of preset skins).
* You can specify which date and time is displayed on the clock.
* Change the format of the clock (seconds, minutes, hours, and date).
* Use a text-to-speech synthesizer to display selected text on the clock.
* More.

7.2 MB

Atomic Alarm Clock 4.4

Atomic Alarm Clock is the #1 Time Management software in the world. Atomic Clock allows you to set up multiple alarms with sound notifications, change the look of the clock with various skins, or create your own. You can also set up multiple time zones, view the time at your selected location or for all available locations, sync the system time with atomic-time servers, set the program to notify you when the clock is closed, log off, log on or switch to standby/hibernation mode when the clock is closed, control the system time, set the text-to-speech feature, view memory usage statistics or CPU utilization, and more. Atomic Clock is able to watch TV, record and play TV shows, manage and view photos, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, a customized calendar, exercise and sleep schedules, track stuff with a permanent to-do list

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The latest version of Atomic Alarm Clock – the most accurate alarm clock – has been released. This version has been completely optimized to work on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems. At the same time, the latest improvements include the following:
• Ability to execute multiple programs at once (for example, simultaneous startup of calculator, notepad, and another software)
• Improved performance and reliability
• Customized new lockscreen of the application and support for new skins
• Ability to display recently opened programs from the Task Manager
• Being able to auto-close any running software
• Option to launch program « always on top » or « in taskbar only »
• Ability to change applications where the clock will be displayed
• Ability to change the sound notifications of the application (for example, change the « beep » sound)
• Ability to change the display of the countdown in « left of alarm » mode
• Multiple improvements and bugfixes
IMPORTANT: Atomic Alarm Clock is absolutely safe and only displays the time when it’s asked to do so. It does not store your personal information (passwords, user names, credit card numbers, and the like) and does not access your computer. Please carefully read the “Legal Notes” section of the manual to better understand how it works.
System Requirements:
When you install Atomic Alarm Clock, you may get a message warning that Windows cannot access the clock service on your system, but you can easily get rid of it by running a program.
To do this, go to Start Menu | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.
Now select the clock service in the list of services and then select the Stop button. This will stop the clock service.
Note that this may take several minutes to complete, depending on the number of processes running on your computer.
Then simply restart your computer.
Now you can continue with the installation of Atomic Alarm Clock. You can also remove Atomic Alarm Clock if you decide you don’t need it.

Some users report that the following issue occurs when starting or updating the Atomic Alarm Clock installation.
The time displayed on the « date & time » panel is displayed only as the current date and time, without a time zone, year, or month. (For example, « Mo 14/08/2014 00:10:00 » instead of « 2014-08-14 00:10:00 »)

This issue can be resolved by

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What’s New In Atomic Alarm Clock?

Do you feel exhausted from reading all those busy day-to-day text messages?
Do you wake up to the same boring « Good Morning »s every morning?
Do you get excited at the thought of a time bomb?
Atomic Alarm Clock solves these problems and many others. You will never again have to get out of bed after a late night of reading your stupid friend’s messages and watching the weather report on CNN.
Now you will sleep to your own music as Atomic Alarm Clock will awaken you with your choice of a
Default alarm, or beeps
Use an MP3 file or a WAV file to wake you up as opposed to the clock or a more typical noise. The default alarm is a large, constant humming that you may find annoying. However, if you like a more traditional chime, you can use a chime file as your alarm to wake you up.
Each of the four non-default alarms can be programmed to beep once, periodically, indefinitely or until you turn it off.
Change the frequency of your beep
Once you’ve chosen which chime to use, you can choose how often your beeps will occur with the help of a slider. You can even set an alarm which will repeat indefinitely.
Choose the number of beeps
Atomic Alarm Clock allows you to define the exact number of beeps to play between your predefined alarm.
You can also choose to turn the audio on and off. This is useful if you want to set an alarm without having to worry about the sound interrupting you.
Set your alarm instantly
In addition to your predefined alarm, you can choose a sound file to set the alarm instantly.
Manage your clock alarm globally
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Follow a sleep schedule
Automatically perform your bedtime routine and awaken at the exact day and time you want to by scheduling an alarm. Just set a time to fall asleep and let the rest happen.
The next time you go to bed, you’ll fall asleep right away. You don’t have to set the alarm yourself, and Atomic Alarm Clock does the rest.
Take it easy
Set your alarm to wake you up only when you’re ready to go to bed

System Requirements:

– PowerVR Series 5XT2 GPU (GeForce 605)
– PowerVR Series 5XT2 GPU (GeForce 605) Recommended:
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– PowerVR Series 6XT2 GPU (GeForce 615) High-end:
– PowerVR Series 6XT2 GPU (GeForce 615) Ultra-High End:
– PowerVR Series 6XT2