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Category:Fiction set in the 2010sFlorida Senate president says they have « reached out » to NC Senate president to discuss implementing new rules

(File Photo)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Legislation that would eliminate a sitting judicial candidate’s right to run again for office was approved by a narrow margin of the Florida Senate on Thursday.

The Senate voted 31-26 to approve the legislation, which would ban sitting judicial candidates from running for re-election and requires them to announce whether they are running before the filing deadline.

The bill’s opponents have said the change violates a judicial candidate’s right to run for office and would unfairly force judges to choose between running for office or being effective in their current position.

Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) said his bill was needed to restore the public’s trust in the judicial system.

« If you are going to run in the judicial system, you should be a professional in the judicial system. You should be a judge and an attorney and a professional, » he said.

« The process of running for judicial office is a political process and if you are a political person who decides that you want to be a judge, you should not run for judge, because this is not a political job. »

Brandes, who sponsored the bill, said the new rules would allow elected state judges to focus on their judicial duties, and not on politics.

« What we want is a nonpartisan judicial system. This is not about judges and partisanship. It is about the people, it is about our system of justice, » he said.

The Senate already approved a similar version of the bill in May. The House concurred with the Senate’s version on May 30.

Sen. Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) said Brandes’ bill forces judges to choose between being judges or political candidates.

« It is a nonpartisan system. Every candidate for judicial office should be a lawyer who is dedicated to the profession of law, » he said.

« It is my hope that the people of Florida

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